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Tulsi Gabbard has again made the headlines of major media organizations by going against her party’s approved agenda. Tulsi went against the improperly dubbed ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill (HR 1557).

In her comments about the bill, she exclaims that she is shocked that the bill only covers kindergarten through third grade. Comically, one of the only sane people in the Democratic Party argues that the bill is not extreme enough.

Gabbard stated, “Now we should all support the Parental Rights in Education bill that recently passed in Florida, which very simply bans government and government schools from indoctrinating woke sexual values in our schools to a captive audience.” She continues, “a captive audience that is by law required to attend.”

Gabbard condemned the instruction of woke sexuality in our country’s schools and went on to address the abysmal effectiveness of the nation’s schools.

Gabbard makes a good point: why does the bill only cover up to third grade? Kids remain impressionable by positions of educational authority through college. Surely this bill could have at least covered through eighth grade.

Perhaps preventing woke teachers from teaching their views on sexuality through eighth grade is too controversial. Conversely, this could also be the foundation for the Florida Legislature to build upon with further legislation aimed at protecting kids from their teachers.

Then again, maybe banning the discussion of sexuality by educators or third parties through more grades would not be too radical. According to a poll conducted by Public Opinion Survey, 61% of individuals interviewed support the aims of the bill. Surprisingly, 55% of Democrat voters and 53% of Biden voters also approved of the bill.

This could signal to the woke left that the support they receive is two-faced and not actually as widespread as previously thought. For the majority of Americans, grooming children crosses the line by a significant margin.

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Gabbard found herself in hot water with the Twitter swamp rats, but if the last six years have taught us anything about Twitter, it is that the opinions expressed on Twitter are far from representative of the actual political landscape.

HR 1557 is a step in the right direction, but it leaves more to be desired. Hopefully, Americans can expect further legislation nationwide to continue to protect the nation’s most vulnerable individuals from the sick ideals of the far left.