‘Turncoat’ Liz Cheney Loses Re-Election Bid in Dramatic, Yet Highly Anticipated Blowout

The polls for Wyoming’s Republican Primary Election closed today with the Trump-endorsed ‘America First’ candidate,  Harriet Hageman, bringing in a substantial victory. In contrast, renegade RINO Liz Cheney failed to receive enough of the vote to retain her seat. This highly anticipated yet expected result comes after a massive drawback in support for Cheney after years of bashing Former President Donald J. Trump.

The congresswoman from Wyoming who became famous for her notorious aggression against President Trump has now paid the penalty associated with mutiny, which in Liz Cheney’s case is losing the congressional seat she’d held since 2017. The long-awaited loss of the party-revolting candidate, Liz Cheney, followed the even longer coattails of anti-Trump rhetoric that has emanated from her office for years.

Support for the turncoat congressman began to wither away when she started her ‘kamikaze campaign’ against President Trump in 2020, which resulted in unnecessary inter-party conflict and Cheney’s eventual ouster that we witnessed today.


Many expected a Cheney defeat in today’s election; however, no one expected the complete and total blowout that took place this evening. Even with reports of last-minute party switching from democrats to help bolster Cheney’s waning support, the congresswoman was still unable to maintain the votes necessary even to bring the election close to a tie.

Harriet Hageman entered the race in September of last year with a promise to represent the values of the people of Wyoming while also bringing another ‘America First’ voice to Washington D.C., which was a promise that quickly resonated with the voters in her district due to the fact that had been misrepresented by their current congresswoman for so long.

So while Cheney continued her ‘anti-MAGA’ sentiment, President Trump continued hosting rallies Hageman who continued her commitment to being a hardliner conservative if elected by her fellow Wyomingites. Without question, lending voice to power, especially when the voice is in line with the views of a majority of a constituency, will typically win elections. For Harriet Hageman, that strategy worked, making her the Congresswoman-elect for the people of Wyoming’s first and only congressional district.

It is unclear what Cheney plans to do with her time following this huge defeat in the polls; however, many assume that the left will continue to use her as a token ‘voice of reason’ in the Republican party.



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