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On Monday, Twitter, according to reports, prevented its platform from being changed. The worry was that employees who are dissatisfied with Musk would go ‘rogue’ and impair the website.

According to Bloomberg News, anonymous sources said unauthorized changes are now more difficult to make.

Bloomberg News reported, “For now, Twitter won’t allow product updates unless they’re business-critical, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the situation is private.”

“Product changes will require approval from a vice president, the people said. Twitter imposed the temporary ban to keep employees who may be miffed about the deal from ‘going rogue.’”

This move occurred shortly after Twitter’s board of directors approved a $44 billion deal unanimously with Elon Musk for $54.20 per share. Many Twitter employees are angered by the decision and are expressing their frustration on Twitter.


Many Twitter employees have expressed anger in leaked Slack messages as well. According to the New York Post, one said, “Physically cringy watching Elon talk about free speech,” wrote a site reliability engineer who identifies as a nonbinary transgender and plural person.

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“We’re all going through the five stages of grief in cycles and everyone’s nerves are frazzled,” wrote a senior staff software engineer. 

He added, “We’re all spinning our wheels, and coming up with worst-case scenarios (Trump returns! No more moderation!). The fact is that [Musk] has not talked about what he’s planning on doing in any detail outside of broad sweeping statements that could be easily seen as hyperbolic showboating.”

One senior staff video engineer announced he would quit. “Not the place to say it perhaps, but I will not work for this company after the takeover,” he said.

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