'A Public Execution, Filmed': Two Teenagers Film Killing Former Police Chief Cyclist While Laughing About It

Two Las Vegas teenagers are facing murder charges after intentionally hitting and killing a cyclist on the road and filming the entire thing for entertainment.

According to 8 News Now, the incident occurred on August 14th of this year near Tenaya Way and Centennial Parkway and Vegas. Police responded to a hit-and-run crash at around 6 p.m. where they discovered a 64-year-old cyclist who had taken life-threatening injuries from the hit. He was rushed to the hospital immediately but was unfortunately later pronounced dead.

His name was Andreas Probst and he was an avid cyclist as well as former police chief in California. His family and friends described him as “a ray of sunshine” and “an amazing man.” 

Police were able to use witness statements and evidence from the scene to find the perpetrators who were driving the Hyundai that hit Probst. They arrested the 17-year-old driver who had stolen the car and was also guilty of performing another hit-and-run crash. 

As the police began looking through their social media they were able to find the hit-and-run of Probst being recorded and laughed about, determining that it was very much an intentional act by the driver. In the video, the two in the vehicle were laughing about it and one said to “Get his a**” when talking about Probst. They even looked back to see the damage done to the victim before quickly speeding off. 


Greg Gutfield shared the video, urging his followers to be more aware of incidents like these. “remember how repulsed we were by those ISIS videos? how is this any different? a public execution. filmed. we need new leadership that sees that the new threat of terror is within, and put an end to this reign of evil,” he wrote. 

“in life there are transformative experiences. i just watched a man get murdered. if this does not change you forever, then you are dead inside. wake up America, we've become the thing of dystopian sci fi that makes Death Race 2000 and Clockwork Orange look like romantic comedies,” Gutfield tweeted.

It’s hard to describe the incident that occurred. It’s gross, vile, degenerate, wholly unfit for civil society. Yet, somehow, it’s far less common than one would hope. The only difference is that because the two perpetrators were black and the victim was white, it won’t penetrate the national media. 

There won’t be marches honoring the life of a police chief who was unjustly killed, there won’t be legislation passed to ensure something like this never happens again. It will just be swept under the rug for whatever new thing hits the news cycle tomorrow, never even considered again while Probst’s family can never see their husband, father, and brother alive again. 

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
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