UFC Giant Dana White Praises Donald Trump, Says He’s a Genuinely Nice Person and a Great Businessman

During a recent interview on Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) giant Dana White shrugged off the recent outrage over his support for 45th President Donald Trump. Although other celebrities have supported the former president quietly due to cancel culture, White made his position boldly clear on national television.

The American businessman told Carlson the following when discussing his views of the America First President:

“He’s a very, very good friend of mine,” White told Carlson. “Donald Trump has been such a good friend to me since the day I met him. When we bought this company, this company had such a bad stigma attached to it and the sport that we couldn’t even get into venues. Venues didn’t want us. Donald Trump saw that this thing could possibly be big. Plus, he’s a sports guy. He loves sports. He offered us to come do the event at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. He cut us a very fair deal. We went down there, and we did two events with him. He showed up for the first fight and stayed till the last fight. … He took us in, and he was great.”

White continued to say that his relationship with the “MAGA King,” as President Joe Biden comically refers to him, didn’t end after their first business exchange. The UFC star then went on to say:

“Everything that ever happened to me in my career, after that, the first guy to reach out and say congratulations was Donald Trump. Whether it was a letter — we were on the cover of the New York Times one time, and he said, ‘I always knew it, Dana. Congratulations!’ and sent me the paper. Sent me a pen one time congratulating me. Always sending something and sending congratulations. A guy who is genuinely happy for your success.”

As if he hadn’t spoken enough to the character of America’s beloved president, he continued his pro-Trump sentiments, commenting that: 

“I’m in the abuse business, we take abuse every day. So I don’t know. You’d have to explain to me what the abuse on the Trump side would be. This is what’s sad. Obviously, I did not vote for President Biden. He’s my president,” White said. “He’s the president of the United States right now, and I’m American. I don’t dislike or hate anybody who voted for Biden. The fact that you’re the type of person that would actually hate somebody because of who they voted for shows me exactly who you are. I don’t want to know you anyway. You’re not my kind of person, and I don’t want to be friends with you either, so the feeling is very mutual. And it’s not because of who you voted for, it’s because of how you carry yourself. Who you vote for or what you decide to do with your life means nothing to me. That’s your own personal choice. In America, this is a free country, and you can choose to vote or do whatever you want to do in your personal life.”

Undoubtedly, White’s comments on President Trump illustrate the passionately loyal and devoutly invested character that Trump’s supporters have come to love and cherish.

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