Ultra-Leftist Employee Fired From ‘Universal Music’ Following Woke Stunt, Skipped Work To Mourn Dobbs Decision

A simple dictum encapsulates the Left’s entire aesthetic as of late — “Go woke, go broke.” Ordinarily, the word “broke” is used figuratively to describe cultural loss. However, today’s story uses the phrase a bit more literally and will surely have you laughing out loud.

A Universal Music employee took advantage of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision on abortion last month, as a means to skip work. He did so under the pretense of being in “mourning” — presumably over the loss of a “bodily autonomy right,” improperly so-called.

Now, after being fired on June 27, he framed the company’s decision the only way a Leftist of the highest caliber knows how — as a tale of victimhood.

If any side should be in mourning, it’s the Pro-Life end of the spectrum — that is, mourning over the estimated fifty million unborn babies which have been killed over the last fifty years. The Dobbs ruling will not settle this problem entirely. Abortion will still be accessible in many states within the U.S., but we look forward to the grassroots movement that will undoubtedly arise in these left-leaning States as a direct result. More importantly, we are happy the nation’s highest court in the land is no longer recognizing a pseudo-right to terminate the unborn.

Former Universal Music Employee Michael Lopez, however — a self-titled “brown queer man” — does not see it that way. Instead, he has focused on the politics of the moment — Universal, as a company, donates to certain politicians who are Pro-Life. Here is what Lopez said in the now-infamous Linked-In posting:

“Last Friday, like countless other folks, I was devastated by the news of the supreme court’s attack on abortion rights. Paired with the flood of anti-queer and anti-trans legislation, it’s been hard to process how company’s [sic] expect us to be productive while our rights are being stripped away. Especially when our company has been donating to several of these politicians…”

He then went on to highlight a task he usually carries out on Fridays as part of his work duties. Lopez sends the upcoming releases to an email list of over 250 people. Yet he decided to skip it one day due to his mourning of, you guessed it, the end of abortion on demand in half the nation. Lopez also reportedly sent the following email in reply to one of his superiors:

“I didn’t do them today. I’m in mourning due to the attack on people with uteruses in the US. Federally guaranteed access to abortion is gone.
Vivendi and Universal Music Group must stop donating to anti-abortion, anti-queer and anti-trans politicians. Politicians like Marsha Blackburn, Ken Buck, Victoria Spartz, etc. Or expect more unproductive days.
Yours in fury,
-Michael Lopez”

Any reasonable person would expect to get fired after pulling a stunt like that. But not Michael Lopez! Instead, he acted completely stunned and was baffled when fortune did not favor his woke behavior:

“Around 9:30-ish today, I got a surprise Zoom video chat with HR,” he continued. “I was being let go for (paraphrasing) ‘Not doing your job, disrupting the day of 275 people, and poor judgment.’ I was told to log out and that a courier would be there to pick up my laptop from my apartment within the hour.”

Again, an entirely reasonable action on Universal’s part. It is sad to see that in America, in the year 2022, we no longer expect these companies to act in their own self-interest by firing unproductive employees. Ever the victim though, Lopez continued to attack his old employer:

“I don’t speak for my former company. I speak for myself and employees that will suffer under these discriminatory laws.

Their actions today, their silence on Friday are indicative of their motivations. Profit at all costs. Solidarity, only if it’s profitable. And above all of that is maintaining the status quo and saying … [explicit language] … to the working class.”

Universal acted against a man on the intersectional coalition because he refused to do his work. That’s reasonable. The sad part is, that this company is truly exceptional for standing up to its employees. Most companies would have wilted and buckled under the pressure.

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