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The Biden Presidency is a trainwreck on virtually every metric imaginable. Our country’s public, moral, and financial health is much worse than under President Trump — and Biden did all this in less than a year. America is tired of Biden’s year-long reign of economic disaster.

The country only wants to move on from this America Last agenda and back towards President Trump’s America First movement. Biden is making the likelihood of that movement reasserting itself all the more likely.

Biden’s America is a mess with no real identity. Even those who criticized Trump’s administration knew what that administration stood for. Biden’s Administration is a mishmash of pseudo-moderatism and radical liberal tendencies.

Biden’s economic policy is thoroughly socialistic in its orientation. The Biden Admin effectively destroys competition for the sake of meeting arbitrary goals and campaign promises — for instance, limiting drilling in the US.

The President has also pushed for infrastructure projects and other public spending ideas. Someone has to pay for these pipedreams. And that is you and I — the taxpayer. We cannot spend until oblivion. We must be responsible, and responsibility involves individual choice — not astronomically high spending budgets and authoritarian wealth redistribution.

A recent Rasmussen poll reveals what we already knew — most Americans disapprove of Biden’s economic agenda. We are headed in the wrong direction as 2022 marches on. Will Biden change course? That much is doubtful. But if he wants his party to succeed, he had better do so.

Here are the findings of the poll. Responding to the question ‘Has the U.S. economy gotten better or worse since Joe Biden became president, or is the economy about the same?’ likely voters answered this way:

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 62% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the economy has gotten worse since Biden became president, which is more than three times the 19% who think the economy has gotten better under Biden. Another 16% say the economy has stayed about the same.”

These numbers are bad, but the following numbers are worse. Thirty-nine percent of likely voters believe Biden is the most significant contributor to our country’s economic downfall. Twenty-two percent blame the Congressional Democrats. Only twenty-eight percent of likely voters blame congressional Republicans.

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The Biden administration has done too much to move away from an economic agenda that worked — Trump’s America First agenda. Stupid Fourth of July tweets notwithstanding, the Biden administration’s policies are not working for most Americans. Biden inherited a growing economy that just began to open up after a disastrous pandemic. And like everything Joe has got his hands on, he squandered our recovery. Let’s hope America can recover from the Biden Presidency as we head into the midterms and beyond.