Washington Post ATTACKS Justice Thomas In Insane Hit Piece: ‘The Black Justice Whose Rulings Often Resemble The Thinking Of White Conservatives’

Justice Clarence Thomas is a Patriotic defender of the rule of law. Appointed to the Supreme Court in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush, Justice Thomas has stood opposed to all forms of judicial activism. As you can expect, that has made him many enemies. The Left does not appreciate judicial integrity. The Left cannot fathom how a justice could be so devout in his adherence to the Constitution. After all, the Left’s legal philosophy is purely arbitrary, based on whim and passing emotion. But Justice Thomas for the past 30 years has stood for truth and liberty, becoming one of the greatest Supreme Court Justices in history along the way.

He has done all of this as the second black justice in the Supreme Court’s history. An impressive accomplishment, and one he had to fight tooth and nail to achieve. He had to confront the lying tricks of a future US President to get confirmed after all — a real “high-tech lynching for uppity Blacks”. The Left does not care for African Americans who buck the traditional narrative — whether that be Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, or Larry Elder. The President himself has gotten in on the action, claiming those African Americans who would not vote for him simply “ain’t black” after all. This came as a surprise to many. Kanye West is as white as Donald Trump in Joe Biden’s Bizzaro world.

As we reported last month, the ABC Show ‘The View’ recently got in on this racist action, claiming Justice Thomas did not represent the black community. Well, Justice Thomas was not selected to represent any community, yet alone a skin color, but regardless, is there a Pope of black people? I am sure Joe Biden thinks so. Here is what he thinks of the black community:

“Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things”

If a Republican said this, that would cost them their candidacy. But if Biden says it, no one in the media bats an eye. It may have been a slip-up at worst, not indicative of his true feelings towards the black community. At best, the media might contend it represents some deeper truth about the communal nature of that people group. So much for Leftism.

The Washington Post decided to join in the president’s ‘racism party’. In an article about Representative Jim Clyburn’s role in Biden’s nomination for the replacement of Justice Breyer, the Post went on the offensive. The liberals at the Washington Post cannot stand Clarence Thomas, and their attitude towards the justice was bitter and full of all the vitriol you’d expect. Here is the key quote, which the Washington Post conveniently clarified later on:

Here is a comedic take on the edit:

The Left’s evil and sick attitude towards free-thinking black conservatives will only hurt them in the long run. 2022 may be the beginning of a new movement in that community, a movement back towards the Party of Lincoln and away from the Party of George Wallace.

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