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Following the release of revised coronavirus guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday, Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz took to Twitter to vent her frustration as Americans across the country cheered.

“Literally what is the plan for high-risk/medically vulnerable and disabled people?” Lorenz tweeted, adding, “Just let us die while the world marches on?? Like wtf.”

The new CDC guidance puts more of an onus on individual choice when combating Covid-19, deemphasizes mass testing for the monosymptomatic, standardizes guidance for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, and lifts quarantine requirements for those exposed to the virus.

“The same [people] complaining nonstop [about] the ‘mental health’ cost of lockdowns (even though we never had full lockdowns) & having to wear masks, are perfectly happy to force disabled [people] to stay locked away forever or keep an N95 glued to their face every time they step into public,” the Washington Post reporter explained.

“Even if you wear an N95 everywhere, one-way masking policies leave vulnerable [people] at risk. Say there’s a tiny gap in [your] mask, [you] have to remove your mask at airport security, or take a sip of water,” she complained. “To say nothing of the countless other mitigation measures our leaders have ignored”

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“Disabled/medically vulnerable [people] shouldn’t have to risk their lives to participate in society, nor are most even given that choice,” she argued. “Disabled people also have to work, go to school, grocery shop, go to the doctor’s office. We are human beings in the world just like everyone else.”

The Post writer then turned her outrage into virtue signaling as she advocated for the hiring of more disabled journalists saying that the CDC guidance is “horrific.”

“As someone working in media who’s immunocompromised and medically vulnerable I really wish we as an industry hired more disabled writers and did more to center vulnerable people in our coverage, [especially] on COVID,” she continued, concluding, “What’s happening right now is so horrific on such a massive scale”

Infamously, Lorenz did a hit piece on the owner of the Twitter account LibsOfTikTok, an account dedicated to exposing far-left indoctrination in schools, social media, and other areas of society, which leaked the personal information of the woman running the Twitter handle.

In addition to this controversy, the Post writer came under fire for accusing Marc Andreessen, a tech mogul, of using the “R-word” which later proved to be false. Despite these false accusations, however, that didn’t stop Lorenz from breaking down in tears during an interview on MSNBC over “harassment” she experienced online, according to the New York Post.

It seems like Lorenz once again proves that she, and beltway journalists like her, are out of touch with the rest of America as patriots across the country cheered the change in CDC guidance as many Americans who refused to go along with the public health establishment felt vindicated while Lorenz wept.

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