WATCH: Armed Los Angeles Father Who Defended Family In Shoot Out Stripped Of Second Amendment

On Friday, Los Angeles homeowner Vince Ricci, who defended his family from attack by using his Second Amendment right earlier this month, revealed that the state of California is attempting to take away his concealed carry permit after he opened fire on two would-be robbers. The local sheriff's office contacted him Thursday morning and explained that his permit had been revoked due to him "yelling" at LAPD officers when they visited his home to investigate a whole three days after the shooting.

"LA criminals came to my home, pointing guns at my chest. After successfully defending my home and my family and my 5-month-old child, California has now decided to suspend my Second Amendment," Ricci said in a video posted by the National Rifle Association. "It was a quiet evening and as I was coming home from the gym, two armed men, masked, hopped over the wall, ran down on me with guns. And the most terrifying thing was my wife and my 5-month-old baby were on the other side of that door. In an effort to protect my family, I drew my gun and returned gunfire."

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, Ricci opened fire on would-be home intruders after being ambushed by a duo around 7:30 PM when he was about to enter his home. Surveillance footage caught the whole incident on video and showed two black-clothed attackers, one of whom had a firearm, approach the father from behind and attempt to attack him. "Out of nowhere, I felt someone run up behind me, put something to my back, put a pistol to my back, and somebody running up," Ricci said. "I guess they decided to try to come at me and come in the house, but I have a five-month-old baby and a wife and a nanny in the house, and that wasn't going to happen."

Following the incident, Ricci railed against the LAPD, alleging that they did "sloppy" police work such as leaving the shell casings near his home. This wasn't the first time that he had been the target of criminals either. In June, criminals broke into his home and his car was broken into earlier this year, per Fox News. He also explained that the criminals, who were targeting other homes in his neighborhood, drove a Dodge Charger without a license plate.

"My situation is unique because it happened at my front door, all on camera. But this happens time and time again all over the country … People sweep it under the rug because it doesn't behoove their political agenda. The fact is, evil will always exist," Ricci said. "I used to walk into this house and see this beautiful house that I built for my family, and now I walk into a war zone … Right here in L.A., an innocent L.A. father was killed because District Attorney Gascon released a violent criminal back into the streets. And this is just one of the dozens of cases right here in this city."



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