WATCH: Biden Wanders Off During G7 Summit, Italian Leader Forced To Help Him Back To Group

During President Joe Biden's visit to Borgo Egnazia, Italy, for the G7 Summit, the leader of the free world appeared to wander off during a servicemen's parachuting demonstration. Before Biden could get too far from the group, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni quickly ran over to the 81-year-old Democrat to get him back with the group.

After being approached by Meloni, the rest of the G7 world leaders flanked Biden for a photo as the president slowly put on his aviator glasses.

President Biden was instantly mocked by conservatives on social media, with the Republican National Committee's research account writing, "WHAT IS BIDEN DOING?" Podcast host Clay Travis said that Meloni had been forced to babysit Biden during the visit. "Joe Biden just goes wandering off at the G7 meeting. Another national leader has to retrieve him," Travis wrote on X. "They are babysitting our president in Italy."


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If the American people have been paying attention through bidens tumultuous three and a half years they would see that this man is dangerously incompetent. Our country and the world is on the Eve of destruction, they took Biden away not to just coach him for 10 days but to make him over because you can't coach anyone with this stage of dementia. They even admitted it would be a physically fit Biden you will see for that debate, president Trump should insist on him taking finger prints and having his vitals taken, and what results will show it won't be the vitals of an 81 year old man. Even bidens signatures don't match from 2020, I think it will be Obama under that mask.

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