WATCH: Border Patrol President SLAMS Biden Ahead Of Border Visit - 'Attention President Biden: Keep Our Name Out Of Your Mouth'

On Thursday, President Joe Biden is heading to Brownsville, Texas, to visit the southern border and attempt to show the American people that he is taking the crisis seriously despite his policies creating the disaster in the first place. Border Patrol President Brandon Judd made his feelings about the president's visit clear in an interview with Fox News, where he explained that he wasn't invited to join the president despite the men and women he represents working on the border every single day.

Biden's trip to Brownsville comes as the Rio Grande Sector has seen a significant decrease in border crossings in recent weeks, largely due to the Mexican government taking action in the region. The sector only saw 7,340 arrests in January, the lowest rate since June 2020 under the Trump administration when Title 42 was in place. While the Rio Grande Valley has seen a decrease in crossings in recent weeks, California and Arizona have seen significant surges in recent weeks, proving that Biden is heading to a part of the border that is not overrun for optics rather than actually witnessing the crisis firsthand.

"Oh, look. It must be an election year. Biden is suddenly worried about the safety of Americans. Read the polls much?" the Border Patrol Union wrote on X. "What a complete load of crap. Where was this 3 years ago and where were you the last 3 years when Americans were being raped, robbed and murdered?"

"Attention President Biden: Keep our name out of your mouth today," the union added.

Judd, who is joining 45th President Donald Trump in Eagle Pass, Texas, for a contrasting visit, explained on Fox News that Biden isn't willing to listen to the agents on the ground. "He's not going to listen to voices of reason. He's not going to listen to people that are going to tell him what he actually needs to secure the border," Judd explained. "The programs, the operations, the policies, he doesn't want to hear any of that."

"Everything changed under President Biden. The way we patrol the border and our operations have changed, the way we vet people has changed, and the way we process people through the system has changed. Everything that we do has changed under this administration, and it's not about enforcement," the Border Patrol president said in a follow-up interview. "It is about getting people into the country as quickly as they possibly can. So we have become extremely efficient at doing that, and we are all sick of it because we know that if this administration would do what is necessary, we wouldn't have the deaths that we have in this country. Not just Laken Riley. Look at all of the fentanyl poisonings that we are seeing in the United States. We could stop that if we had the proper policy. He won't give it to us because his open border base won't let him."

WATCH: You can follow Sterling on X/Twitter here.
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