WATCH: Climate Change Activists Desecrate Rome's Famous Trevi Fountain - 'Enough Of These Absurd Attacks On Our Artistic Heritage'

On Sunday, a handful of climate change activists desecrated the Trevi Fountain in Rome by pouring diluted charcoal into the beloved landmark to demand more action on climate change.

The activists, which are from the organization 'Ultima Generazione' ('Last Generation'), can be seen standing in the knee-deep water unfurling signs that read 'Non-Paghiamo Il Fossile' ('We won't pay for fossil fuels') as others dump black dye into the fountain's luxurious, clear waters.

The activists can also be heard shouting "Our country is dying" all while hundreds of bystanders yell at and boo the activists who are ruining their experience of the famous fountain.

According to Reuters, the organization called for an end to public subsidies for fossil fuels and it is believed that the protest is in response to recent flooding in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna.

"Today 9 activists poured charcoal into [Fontanadi Trevi]," wrote Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri. "Thanks to the timely intervention of the local police, the worst was avoided. An intervention is now needed that will commit public resources and lead to the waste of 300,000 liters of water."

"Enough of these absurd attacks on our artistic heritage," he continued. "Today smeared the [Fontanadi Trevi]. Expensive and complex to restore, hoping that there is no permanent damage. I invite activists to compete on a confrontational terrain without putting the monuments at risk."

People from around the world on social media also didn't take kindly to the desecration of such a historic piece of architecture.

"These acts of vandalism can potentially damage the white stone, and have been roundly condemned throughout Italy," wrote Daily Wire correspondent Bree Dail. "Will there be prosecution by the government?"
  "One of Rome’s most treasured and beautiful sites, the Trevi Fountain," wrote Fernando Amandi Sr. "Here’s a bunch of climate activist morons pouring black dye into the crystalline waters. Sick and wrong. Prosecute the vandals!"
  The protesters were eventually pulled out the fountain by the local police as the hundreds of tourists nearby applauded the punishment of the climate change activists.

Once again climate change activists are willing to destroy art and history in order to push their own radical climate agenda. They're actions are truly disgraceful and they should be dealt with harshly.

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