WATCH: CNN Left Panicking After Trump Crushes Biden By Double Digits In Swing State

A new CNN poll released Monday on the 2024 presidential election makes Biden's reelection chances look grim, with Trump's lead increasing in the various swing states. According to the poll, Trump holds significant leads over Biden in Georgia and Michigan, two states Biden won in 2020.

CNN also found that Biden is struggling to win voters' approval in these two critical states, with only 35 percent in Michigan and 39 percent in Georgia approving of his handling of the country. The low approval comes as Biden faces one of the lowest approval ratings in his presidency at 38.2 percent, with a stunning 55.8 percent of voters disapproving of the 81-year-old job performance.

Biden's main weakness is amongst young voters who view the elderly Democrat as not being their ideal candidate for the presidency. Amongst young voters, 57 percent in Michigan and 56 percent in Georgia say that Biden doesn't hold the right policy positions, 60 percent in Michigan and 56 percent in Georgia say he doesn't understand the problems facing young voters, and 69 percent in Michigan and 66 percent in Georgia say that his mental sharpness and stamina are of concern.

The poll led CNN anchor Kasie Hunt to be the bearer of bad news for the Biden campaign with an early morning report on Monday. "The news is not great for President Biden and his campaign," the CNN anchor began. "The numbers show Donald Trump leading in both Georgia and Michigan. In Georgia, a state Biden carried by a very narrow margin in 2020, registered voters say they prefer Trump over Biden by five percent. In Michigan, which Trump won in 2016 but Biden carried in 2020, our poll now showing Trump 10 points up. Note that a full 10 percent of those polled in each state say they wouldn't support either candidate. Trump's margin over Biden is significantly boosted in both states by people who say they did not vote in 2020. These less engaged voters favored Trump by 26 points in Georgia and 40 points in Michigan."

The poll also found that Trump continues to dominate when various third-party candidates are put into the mix. In Michigan, Trump would enjoy an eight-point lead (39 percent) over the competition, with Biden at 31 percent, RFK Jr. at 20 percent, and Cornel West at six percent. In Georgia, Trump would again take an eight-point lead (42 percent) compared to Biden's 34 percent, RFK Jr.'s 15 percent, and West's six percent.


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