WATCH: CNN Admits Trump Prosecution Is In Trouble After Cohen Admits To Stealing From The Trump Organization - 'Caught Cohen In Another Lie'

Following new revelations that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's (D) star witness, Michael Cohen, stole $30,000 from the Trump Organization, CNN's legal commentators explained that the prosecution's case is failing at proving Trump was tied to the documentation of the $130,000 hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

Cohen confirmed to the court that he stole $30,000 from the Trump Organization after paying tech company RedFinch, a firm hired to obtain favorable online polls for Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, only $20,000 when they were owed $50,000. During Cohen's questioning, Trump's attorney, Todd Blanche, repeatedly pressed the former fixer on his lies and corrupt behavior that saw him profit tens of thousands of dollars.

"You had, like, a duffle bag of cash?" Blanche asked the witness, leading Cohen to respond that it was in a brown paper bag. When Cohen was asked directly about stealing from the Trump Organization, the prosecution's star witness admitted he did, stating, "Yes, sir" when asked about the theft.

In response to the explosive testimony, CNN's legal analyst explained that Cohen has been caught in yet another lie on the stand. "This is significant because they appear to have caught Cohen in another lie, and this would be a lie to the other person who is allegedly part of this conspiracy, Allen Weisenberg, who prosecutors have chosen not to call because they believe that he would not testify, that he would plead the [Fifth Amendment]," said CNN legal analyst Paula Reid. "The judge has urged them to bring him in any way, but they have not done that." 

"What this also does is it puts the onus on Michael Cohen. It was Michael Cohen who arranged this scheme, the repayment scheme," another CNN commentator said.

"So far, there is no direct link, proven beyond a reasonable doubt, to [Trump] in this alleged conspiracy," Reid explained. "This right here, this line of questioning so far, they have established that Cohen may have lied in order to get some of this money."

Michael Cohen's testimony has been devastating for the prosecution as Trump's lawyers expose Cohen, a convicted perjurer, of lying multiple times to personally profit from his relationship with Trump. Cohen, who has said that he is currently exploring making a television show about himself and is considering a run for Congress, has shown himself to be motivated by money and fame first and foremost.


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