WATCH: Comedian Russell Brand Reveals The 'Profound' Impact Of His 'Incredible, Overwhelming' Baptism

On Sunday, podcast host and comedian Russell Brand was baptized as a Christian in the River Thames in London, England. The famous comedian, who hosts a daily podcast on YouTube that covers politics, news, culture, and other topics, announced that he was being baptized in a short video on April 26. 

"This Sunday, I'm taking the plunge. I'm getting baptized," he said on Friday. "What's been explained to me is it's an opportunity to die and be reborn. An opportunity to leave the past behind and be reborn in Christ's name."

"People are so cynical about the increasing interest in Christianity and the return to God, but to me, it's obvious," he said. "As meaning deteriorates in the modern world, as our value systems and institutions crumble, all of us become increasingly aware that there is this eerily familiar awakening and beckoning figure that we've all known all of our lives, within us and around us."

Following his baptism, Brand, who has a long history of drug problems, explained that the baptism was unlike anything he had ever experienced. "It was an incredible, profound experience," he said. "Many aspects of it were very intimate and personal. The truth is this: as a person who has in the past taken many substances and who has already been disappointed with their inability to deliver the kind of tranquility and peace and even transcendence that I've always felt that I've been looking for, something occurred in the process of baptism that was incredible, overwhelming."

Brand went on to explain that a new "force" within him had switched on following his baptism. "This is new for me. I'm learning and I'll make mistakes but this is my path now. I already feel incredibly blessed, relived, nourished, held. It's been an incredible experience. I wish I could tell you exactly about it but there were amaxing individuals involved." Brand also shared his intention to discuss his Christian faith more openly on his daily show.

"I am so grateful to be surrendered to Christ," the comedian concluded. His increasing openness about his faith in recent months, reaching his 6.78 million strong YouTube audience, has paved the way for this significant decision. His acceptance of Christ into his life serves as a powerful testament to the transformative power of baptism, a story that may inspire many of his followers to reevaluate their own spiritual journey with God.


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