WATCH: Elise Stefanik Blasts ‘Radical’ Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg, Demands He Testify to Congress

On Tuesday morning, Rep. Elise Stafanik (R-NY) blasted Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) after it was revealed last week that the D.A. could potentially be indicting President Donald Trump.

“Being from New York we know that Alvin Bragg is ultimately the most radical District Attorney you can get,” the Republican Conference Chair wrote alongside a video and list of his various failings:

“- Funded by 1 million dollars from Soros
– Violent crime skyrocketing under his watch
– Political vendetta against President Trump
– Supports releasing violent criminals”

In the attached video, Stafanik lays out just how radical Bragg really is and demanded that he come to testify to Congress in order to explain the political persecution of President Trump.

“I think Alvin Bragg in particular is the most radical D.A. you can ultimately get to,” she said. “George Soros funded him over a million dollars and we have this significant crime crisis in New York state. It’s one of the reasons why we picked up four congressional seats.”

“So at the same time as you have him politically targeting and persecuting President Trump, he is lowering felonies and misdemeanors which has been one of the reasons why crime has skyrocketed in New York City,” the conference chair explained. “We announced under Chairman Jordan’s leadership with Chairman James Comer and Chairman Brian Steil who have jurisdiction, that we expect and intend to call Alvin Bragg to testify.”


When asked if Bragg will come to testify, Stefanik said that “We are going to work very hard and the American people deserve to have him come and appear. And we want to have access to any of the documentation between the Department of Justice and the Manhattan D.A.’s office.”

“In addition, there have been numerous members of Alvin Bragg’s team who have left, in very prominent fashion in the past few years, who have been focused solely on going after President Trump,” she said, adding, “And the other piece I would note here is that as much as I have been critical of the mainstream media in years past, even the Washington Post has pointed out that this is a zombie case that the Department of Justice passed upon and the Southern District of New York passed upon. And yet now you have the most radical D.A. imaginable going after President Trump and doing the bidding of Joe Biden.”

Bragg is currently attempting to charge President Trump with a campaign finance violation from 2016. The case relates to a $130,000 payment, facilitated by Trump’s former attorney

Michael Cohen, for a non-disclosure agreement. The agreement pertains to an alleged affair in 2006 between Donald Trump and adult film ‘star’ Stormy Daniels.

The case against the president is clearly an attempt to stop him from running for a second term and the American people deserve answers before Bragg irreparably harms the American justice system by blatantly politicizing it.

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