WATCH: Following Exclusive Interview, George Stephanopoulos Admits Biden Isn't Fit To Serve Four More Years

On Tuesday, ABC News host George Stephanopoulos, after he conducted an exclusive 20-minute sit-down interview with President Joe Biden on Friday, admitted to a TMZ reporter that the 81-year-old Democrat incumbent isn't able to serve another four years in office. The anchor's comments come after a handful of elected Democrats have demanded that Biden withdraw from the race.

While the ABC host was out for a walk on 5th Avenue in New York City, a passerby asked the "Good Morning America" host his thoughts on Biden's candidacy following his interview with him last week. "Do you think Biden should step down? You've talked to him more than anybody else has lately." In response to the question, Stephanopoulos commented, "I don't think he can serve four more years." Stephanopoulos, who didn't know he was being recorded, later stated when the video went viral, "Earlier today, I responded to a question from a passerby. I shouldn't have." His news network also responded to the video, telling TMZ, "George expressed his own point of view and not the position of ABC News."

The ABC News host's comments are a stunning admission, given his exclusive interview with the president just four days earlier. During the prime-time interview, the reporter repeatedly pressed Biden on his mental acuity and whether he was fit to run for re-election. The 81-year-old Democrat insisted that his debate performance was just a "bad night" and that he is committed to staying in the race. Despite these assurances, Democrats' concerns about the president's age weren't dissuaded, and a meeting of congressional Democrats on Tuesday concluded that having Biden at the top of the ticket would have devastating consequences for down-ballot races nationwide. 

Despite these concerns, Biden has doubled down on staying in the race, but that hasn't stopped top Democrats from continuing to call on the president to make a "decision" about his political future. When asked if she wants Biden to run for re-election on Wednesday morning, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) explained that she wants the president to "do whatever he decides to do" but added that "time is running short" for a final decision to be made given the upcoming Democratic National Convention next month. "He's beloved. He's respected, and people want him to make that decision, not me," Pelosi said. 

Rep. Pelosi explained that Democrats will restart conversations on Biden's eligibility to run for re-election following the NATO conference in Washington, D.C., where President Biden will hold his first press conference following the debate on Thursday. Many Democrats have voiced a similar message with Sen. Joe Manchin (I-WV), an independent who caucuses with the Democrats, that congressional Democrats will wait until this weekend to make a final decision on whether to come out more publicly against the sitting president or remain loyal and support the president's re-election bid.

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