WATCH: Governor Says Trump Could Be First Republican To Flip His State In 20 Years

As presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump continues to dominate in nearly every swing state, the electoral map continues to become more competitive in states that Democrat candidates have traditionally won. One of those more Democrat-leaning states that could swing to Trump is the commonwealth of Virginia, a state that hasn't been won by a Republican since 2004.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) has orchestrated a rapid shift in the state's political landscape. From a 10-point Biden victory in 2020, Virginia has transformed into a far more competitive environment in recent months. His surprise victory in the 2021 governorship has not only altered the state's politics but also serves as a compelling model for Republicans aiming to compete in traditionally Democrat-leaning states.

Reflecting on the dramatic shift, Gov. Youngkin remarked in a recent interview with Fox News, "Let's just begin by remembering where we were in 2020 when Joe Biden won Virginia by 10 points, and the fact that we're having this discussion is a huge turn of events...We're here in June, and there's still a lot of water to go under the bridge, but Virginia looks like it's in play, and that's pretty exciting."

A recent Fox survey found that Biden and Trump are deadlocked in the Old Dominion state, with Trump and Biden tied with 48 percent support. In a five-way race with the three third-party candidates, Biden narrowly squeezes out a victory with 42 percent compared to Trump's 41 percent, independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at nine percent, independent Cornel West at two percent, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at two percent.

Given the poll's findings and various other surveys showing the race in Virginia within single digits, Real Clear Politics moved the state from 'lean-Democrat' to a toss-up. Other states that have been declared a toss-up include the seven swing states: Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, as well as Minnesota and Virginia. 

Gov. Youngkin has fought hard to shift the state to the right in recent years after taking office in 2022 with a majority in the state House and the election of a Republican lieutenant governor and attorney general. While Democrats were able to take back the majority in the lower chamber of the legislature in 2023, the state's Republican leadership has been able to forward GOP priorities.

As Trump's popularity and momentum continue to rise, states traditionally won by Democrats in recent elections are teetering on the edge of becoming battlegrounds. The Biden campaign is now faced with the challenge of defending states like Minnesota and Virginia, which could potentially give Trump the advantage he needs to secure a victory in one of the swing states in the Rust Belt.

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