WATCH: Jill Biden Humiliated In ‘Please Clap’ Moment As She Fails To Impress

Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D. First Lady of the United States, widely considered to be President Joe Biden's primary 'handler,' delivered prepared remarks on Thursday morning in Washington, D.C. In a humiliating moment echoing prior incidents with her husband, Dr. Biden paused during her remarks expecting applause that didn't come... and had to ask for it.

According to The Western Journal, the First Lady was addressing an audience at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education alongside former Secretaries of Education John B. King, Jr., Arne Duncan, Margaret Spellings and Rod Paige. In the course of her speech, she said, "I’ve visited red states and blue states and I’ve found that the common values that unite us are deeper than our divisions." She then awkwardly paused.

"I thought you might clap for that," Biden told the audience, who perfunctorily began to applaud and laugh nervously for the 71-year-old former educator.

In the Twitter commentary that followed the incident, many users evoked imagery of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and even President Biden experiencing similar awkward moments before a crowd.
Twitter user Lucky McGee in particular alluded to a spectacular 2016 gaffe when Joe Biden called U.S. Service Members "stupid bastards" when they failed to applaud him and referred to them as a "dull bunch."

McGee wrote, "They’re always telling people to praise them. Like Joe Biden’s 'Clap, you bastards!' To our troops, no less. Bro, if you gotta tell them to applaud, you didn’t say or do anything to earn the applause

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute chief marketing officer Melissa Giller said in a statement cited by The Western Journal, "We're grateful to have Dr. Biden joining us at RISE to share her perspective on our nation's education system. Her years of experience as an educator and a national leader on this issue will offer valuable insights to the discussion." 

The Reagan Institute cited Dr. Biden's academic background, work during the Obama administration as Second-Lady as well as her joint leadership of the Biden Foundation as bona fides.

Curiously, according to RedState's Nick Arama, while the White House normally publishes a finished transcript, only her prepared remarks are available on the White House website as of this report. These prepared remarks of course do not reflect the odd exchange.

It reads contiguously without the awkward interruption, "As I’ve traveled the country, I’ve visited red states and blue states. And I’ve found that the common values that unite us are deeper than our divisions. I’ve seen how a kind word or gesture can relax someone’s shoulders just a bit—can open their heart to what you have to say, even if we’ll never agree. I’ve seen how, despite our differences, most people want the same things: the chance to work hard and build a good life for our families."

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