WATCH: James O'Keefe Confronts Disney Vice President Who Admitted To Racial Discrimination In Hiring

On Monday, undercover journalist and O'Keefe Media Group (OMG) founder James O'Keefe released a new video of him confronting Disney's Vice President of Business Affairs, Michael Giordano. after the company executive admitted that the Walt Disney Company discriminated against "white males" during hiring, a direct violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Giordano, who was confronted for lying to one of O'Keefe's undercover journalists to go on a date with another OMG undercover reporter, was confronted by O'Keefe at Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood. O'Keefe repeatedly questioned Giordano with his investigation, asking, "So, you are the vice president of the Walt Disney Company, and you're on tape saying that you don't hire white males."

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, the Disney executive admitted that Disney discriminates against white males while looking to fill roles. "Nobody else is going to tell you this, but they're not considering any white males for the job," Giordano said to an OMG undercover journalist. "There's no way we're hiring a white male."

"I'm guessing that there are acceptable code words and buzzwords that are used to explain what they're looking for," the Disney executive explained. "They might say something like, 'We're not looking at the usual suspects for this job.' So it's not like a legally actionable thing. But everyone knows what it means. They, you know, the writers and actors...You hear all the time, you know, 'I'm looking to hire writers and actors that bring diversity. I'm not looking to bring on any more clients who are white.'"

After O'Keefe confronted Giordano with the direct quotes, the man fled the scene and got into his Tesla to escape. The former Project Veritas CEO pursued Giordano on foot and attempted to ask several more questions before the executive sped off.


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