WATCH: Jim Cramer Makes One of the Worst Stock Buy Calls in History As Silicon Valley Bank Collapses

Following the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank this past week, investors remembered being recommended to purchase the stock by CNBC’s Jim Cramer during his show Mad Money last month in what is perhaps one of the worst stock buy calls in the host’s history.

Cramer made the call on February 8th when he explained that the bank was a high performer: “The ninth-best performer to date has been SVB Financial. Don’t yawn.”

“This company is a merchant bank with a deposit base that Wall Street has mistakenly been concerned about,” he said noting that it bought a research firm called D.A. Davidson,” he said, adding, “SVB’s nearly 40 percent rally this year is barely a drop in the bucket.”

“Now you have to remember that a stock that falls 66 percent like SVB Financial did last year, it takes it a lot more to recover,” the CNBC host continued. “After losing two-thirds of your value, you need a 200 percent gain to get back to even.”

“The ten biggest winners of the year so far… consider me intrigued, but only if we have a couple more down days like today that give you a better buying opportunity,” he added. “These stocks have all been overbought — one that I’m sure the bears are going to create when they go on TV tomorrow and tell you it’s the end of the world.”


“SVB is great,” Carlson mocked on his Friday show. “If that guy ever endorses anything you are doing, move to the Canary Islands. Change your name because disaster is coming.”

Tucker also stated that Cramer was a “BS artist” and “a professional dumb person.”

With Silicon Valley Bank now shut down by federal regulators, it is anyone’s guess as to what the long-term financial consequences will be for the overall economy with some speculating that the collapse could lead to a cascading effect on regional banks in California.

It is likely, however, the federal regulators will take additional action long before the SVB collapse becomes a larger economic problem.

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