WATCH: Joe Rogan, Russell Brand Blast CNN for Covid, Ivermectin Lies – ‘There is No Excuse For That’

On Thursday, podcaster Joe Rogan was joined by English comedian Russell Brand for a nearly three-hour discussion where they talked about CNN’s role in promoting covid narratives and lying about Rogan’s use of the drug Ivermectin to treat the virus when he contracted it.

Throughout the first hour of the show, Brand and Rogan spoke about how easily Americans rolled over to allow for covid tyranny to take place and to allow for the ‘experts’ to dictate how they should live their lives. In addition, the duo talked about how the covid-19 vaccine was driven by profit and power.

Following this discussion, Rogan turned to his own experience with the coronavirus and how outlets like CNN lied about how he handled the virus with a treatment of Ivermectin.

“The blatant lies that CNN was telling about it. When you have CNN and MSNBC and all these different cable news network shows calling it horse dewormer when it was a drug that won the Nobel Prize for the inventor of it,” Rogan said. “It is a drug that has had billions, literally billions, of prescriptions filled. It’s a drug that has saved lives. It is a drug that is on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines.”

“And for them to have the gall and to have the sheer audacity to just out and out lie to people about what a medication is,” the podcaster explained. “And it’s used on humans far more than it is used on horses.”


“They were calling that ‘horse de-wormer’ to try and mock me because they knew that I was unvaccinated and I kicked COVID very quickly and they did not want that narrative out there,” he said. “And they were beholden to their handlers. They were beholden to the people that give them exorbitant amounts of money in advertising revenue and they fucking followed in-line, and they all piled on, and they lost a f***load of credibility from it.”

“How many people saw that and went ‘oh my God, they’re just lying, They’re just lying,'” the host of the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ explained. “There is no excuse for that.”

Rogan then went on to explain that the mainstream media painted him as a conspiracy theorist in order to fit their narrative and instead of actually analyzing his decision and the potential impact of Ivermectin, they instead wrote him off. Rogan then went on to blast CNN for altering a health update video that Rogan released by changing the color filter to make the podcaster look ill, as reported by Breitbart.

“They changed my filter and turned me yellow on television. Like they took the original video of me and ran it through a filter to make me look horrible,” Rogan said. “They did some wild shit but that wild shit that they did cost them their credibility.”

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