WATCH: Journalist Confronts Pete Buttigieg Over East Palestine Train Derailment, Mayor Pete Gives SHOCKING Answer

On Tuesday evening, Daily Caller reporter Jennie Taer confronted Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg over his handling of the East Palestine rail disaster that has led to the contamination of the local water supply with hazardous chemicals like vinyl chloride.

“Mr. Secretary what do you have to say to the folks in Ohio, East Palestine who are suffering right now?” the Daily Caller journalist asked Buttigieg in Washington, D.C.

“Well I’d refer you to about a dozen interviews that I’ve given today and if you would like to arrange a conversation be sure to reach out to our press office,” the former 2020 Democrat presidential candidate responded, adding, “I won’t have that conversation with you just walking down the street here.”

“You don’t have a message for them?” Taer pushed.

“I do and I shared it with the press many times today, I’d refer you to those comments,” the secretary responded.

“Would you mind sharing it with us?” she questioned.

“No, I’m going to refer you to the comments I made to the press because right now I’m taking some personal time and I’m walking down the street,” Buttigieg said, visibly annoyed by the questions.


“Are you going down there at all?” Jannie Taer continued to ask.

“Yup, I am,” said Buttigieg adding that he would share when he would go to East Palestine when he’s “ready.”

The Transportation Secretary then asked if he could get a photo of the journalist which has been called “creepy” by many on social media.

“Pete Buttigieg is the smuggest, rudest, most condescending brat. You are not a celebrity, Pete, you work for us,” wrote political commentator Liz Wheeler. “Buttigieg refuses to talk to reporter: ‘I’m taking some personal time right now.'”

“Creepy Pete Buttigieg takes photos of young female Reporter!” wrote Newsmax host Benny Johnson. “Buttigieg asked polite questions by reporter about the toxic disaster in East Palestine Ohio. Buttigieg quips that he’s talking “personal time” — then SNAPS PHOTOS of Reporter.”

Once again Mayor Pete is putting his own “personal time” over the needs of the American people. He should resign from his post given his lackluster response to East Palestine and his terrible record over the past two years of the Biden administration.

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