WATCH: Mark Wahlberg Shares His Faith in New Interview – ‘We Want to Be Closer to God and More Like God’

On Saturday, actor Mark Wahlberg joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to promote the prayer app Hallow’s Pray40 Lent Challenge. In the interview, Wahlberg promoted the power of prayer to viewers and how it has helped him personally get closer to God.

The Fox hosts asked Wahlberg about his immense discipline which he has been known for and asked how his faith has impacted that.

“[The faith] part of the discipline has really afforded me all the other wonderful things in my life, my family, my career, being able to turn my life around. I grew up from very humble beginnings, obviously had a troubled youth,” Wahlberg said. “But once I realized that God was calling me and really wanting to help me and turn my life around, knew I had potential. Once I started to become more disciplined, really the world became full of opportunity. I just want to share that with people so people can just become the best versions of themselves.”

Wahlberg went on to explain how Covid-19 separated people and that the Pray40 Challenge can bring Christians together. He also emphasized that daily prayer is a great way to express your gratitude and to start your day adding, “my faith has afforded me all the wonderful things in my life and be able to deal with all the hardships. We all face difficulties. We all are going to grow old.”

When asked about what was a turning point in his life where he began to have more discipline, he highlighted multiple times in his life, per Fox News.

“There have been many things, you know, I would have to say becoming a parent, becoming a husband, certainly. We talked about my youth and that sort of thing. But I think it’s getting older. And, here’s the great thing. Every year you get an opportunity for a reset. We’re all still weak in the flesh. We just want to be closer to God and more like God,” he said in response. “You have to be willing to dine with God and also fast with God.”


“Everybody knows what God wants to attach them from and, replacing bad habits with good habits,” the actor continued. “So, it’s really between you and God, what you decide to give up or what you decide to do more of. I think sometimes, people can give up candy, but it’s a lot more powerful and a lot more impactful to give your time to somebody else and just to give more and do more, even a kind word and a smile. You never know how far that will go with somebody who’s going through some really difficult.”

Wahlberg went on to explain how he sets an example for his children by going to church and by beginning his day in prayer.

“It’s the largest Christian app in the world. It was number three on Apple’s free apps ahead of Google and TikTok and all of these things, Spotify, Netflix. I mean, people are thirsty for spiritual connection,” he said about the app’s success.

“They’re thirsty and hungry for comfort, guidance and also companionship with one another. So it’s been amazing. You can tell, people are really hungry and they need spirituality in their lives. You can’t really have spirituality without religion, even though it’s been separated. You know, we all know that it all goes hand-in-hand. We all need to encourage and support each other.”

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, the Hallow app has seen major success bypassing TikTok and YouTube for multiple days in a row on the Apple App Store. It is clear that people around the world want a spiritual connection and long for community. This app is providing both with the Pray40 Challenge.

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