WATCH: Multiple Arrests Made As Trans Protesters Storm Kentucky Capitol

On Wednesday, a group of protesters advocating for transgender individuals stormed the Kentucky Capitol in response to the Kentucky state legislature overriding the veto of Gov. Andy Beshear (D-KY).

The bill in question prohibits discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in all grades, requires that transgender students use the restroom that corresponds with their biological gender, allows teachers to not use preferred pronouns, bans gender surgery for minors, and requires doctors to detransition individuals if they received ‘gender reassignment’ surgery, as reported by USA Today.

As the legislature considered the veto override, protesters occupied the Capitol building leading to multiple arrests, according to the Lewiston Tribune.

Police initially struggled to apprehend the protesters to escort them from the building, however, about half an hour later they used zip ties to lead the protesters out of the Capitol.

“We welcome everybody to be here, to participate in their government, and want everybody to be here to participate in their government. (But) we do expect that proper levels of decorum will be maintained to allow us to conduct our business,” wrote House Speaker David Osborne (R). “We felt it was important to proceed on with the business thing that we did.”


In response to the protesters occupying the building, users on social media reacted and drew parallels to January 6th.

“Wait. Is it now a good thing to storm capitol buildings? I’m so confused,” wrote one user. “CNN help me!”

“Transurrection,” wrote BlazeTV host Sara Gonzalez.

“After seeing what went down on Jan 6th,” commented another user. “Can someone explain to me how the Trans protesters storming the Kentucky Capitol isn’t considered a Insurrection?”

“Insurrection. Disrupting a government proceeding, even have a dark shaman,” reacted another.

The bill, Senate Bill 150, ultimately passed by overriding the governor’s veto and becoming law.

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