WATCH: Parkinson's Expert Gives His Assessment Of President Joe Biden - 'He Has The Classic Features'

During an NBC interview on Tuesday, Dr. Tom Pitts, a Parkinson's disease specialist, explained that President Joe Biden has the "classic features" of the same neurological deterioration seen in Parkinson's patients. The specialist's comments come after it was revealed that a Parkinson's expert, Dr. Kevin Cannard, reportedly visited the White House residence clinic on multiple occasions and met with the president's physician, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, on one occasion.

"I see him 20 times a day in clinic. I mean, it's ironic because he has these classic features of neurological degeneration. Word finding difficulties and that's not 'Oh, I can't find the word,' that's from degeneration from the word retrieval area," Dr. Pitts explained, adding that the president's stutter has no impact on his word retrieval.

The expert stated that the president has multiple other symptoms of Parkinson's including his monotone voice, loss of arm swing, end block turning, and other "hallmarks" of the condition. "I could have diagnosed him from across the mall," the doctor explained. When asked about the way the president walks, Dr. Pitts emphasized that a shuffling gate is characteristic of someone suffering from the neurological disease.

"It's a hallmark. Shuffling gate, we call that. So little steps. Loss of arm swing from the rigidity. Where we walk with a nice cadence, he doesn't really swing his arms. And end block turning, meaning he kind of pivots around his foot," he said. When a reporter attempted to pushback on the doctor's diagnosis of Biden, the specialist explaiend that Biden's not a "hard case."

"It's one of the easier movement disorders to diagnose, actually...I'm a Democrat. It's just like, this guy is not a hard case," Pitts explained. "Once you start manifesting the hallmark motor symptoms...I mean, if a med student did not pick Parkinson's on the test, they'd be remediated." Dr. Pitts then explained that he is frustrated by how the White House has hidden Biden's medical condition and that the Democratic Party had four years to stop the "wreck in slow motion" to replace Biden at the top of the ticket.

"They had four years, my own party had four years, to find...out of 350 million Americans, one person that could take the place, and here we are the day before school trying to do the homework and replace the guy who's got a neurodegenerative disease," the doctor added.


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