WATCH: Pastor Releases His Powerful Response To 'He Gets Us' Super Bowl Ad

On Tuesday, Associate Pastor of Hope Church Jamie Bambrick released a powerful ad in response to the He Gets Us ad that aired during the Super Bowl and faced considerable controversy from Christians across America.

The He Gets Us ad featured a plethora of scenarios of people washing one another's feet. Some of the images include a police officer washing the feet of a black man, an older white man washing the feet of a Native American man, a white woman washing the feet of a girl outside an abortion clinic, a white Christian family washing the feet of a Muslim couple, a white woman washing the feet of an illegal migrant, and a priest washing the feet of a supposed gay black man.

The ad was immediately met with criticism from conservative Christians, with Babylon Bee Managing Editor Joel Berry writing, "There's a reason the 'He Gets Us' commercial didn't show a liberal washing the feet of someone in a MAGA hat, or a BLM protestor washing an officer's feet. That would've been actually subversive. Because they were strictly following oppressed v oppressor intersectionality guidelines. This tells me they were either: A) trying to sell Jesus to Leftists by hinting Jesus thinks just like them, or B) cynically using Jesus to sell a political movement."

In response to the ad, Pastor Jamie Bambrick made his own version, which included powerful imagery depicting various people who turned to God after abandoning their former sinful lives. The ad features a former witch, the right-hand man to atheist Richard Dawkins, a former jihadist, a former KKK member, a former drug addict, a former gang leader, a former drag queen and prostitute, a former abortionist, a former transgender, a former pornstar, a former new age guru, and a former lesbian activist. The one-minute ad then concludes by telling the audience, "Jesus doesn't just get us. He saves us."

"The Christian Super Bowl Ad They SHOULD Have Made. A group known as 'He Gets Us' released an advert during the Super Bowl which, whilst perhaps well intentioned, failed to convey anything of the gospel to the hundreds of millions who saw it," Bambrick wrote. "Here's my take on what they should have done."

Watch both ads below and be the judge of which you would have wanted to air during the Super Bowl:

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