WATCH: Students Turn Their Back On Biden During Morehouse College Commencement Address - 'It's Kind Of Insulting'

During President Joe Biden's commencement speech to students at Morehouse College on Sunday, multiple graduates turned their backs on the commander-in-chief in an embarrassing display.

While visiting the Atlanta, Georgia, private school, at least three students could be seen turning their backs on him, with one of the graduates wearing a keffiyeh scarf to show solidarity with Palestine. While the protest was small and didn't disrupt the president's speech, it served as a reminder that Biden's policies on the Israel-Hamas war have divided young progressives.

"I think it's kind of insulting that our star alumnus is Dr. King, but Biden has been on a tirade in the Middle East," graduate DeAngelo Fletcher explained to NPR. "Bringing him here, especially during an election year... to get the young Black vote especially, it's kind of insulting."

The president also repeated the misleading claim that it is against the law to pass out food or drink to voters while they are waiting in line to cast their ballots. "Today in Georgia, they won't allow water to be available to you while you wait in line to vote in an election," Biden claimed, as reported by Fox News. "What in the hell is that all about?" While the law does prohibit outside activists and poll workers from distributing water within 150 feet of a polling place, poll workers are allowed to provide a self-serve water station to voters within the polling place.

During his speech, Biden argued that Republicans don't accept black people, saying, "They don't see you in the future of America. But they're wrong," The president, who ran in 2020 on a platform of unity, also said that the students have to "be ten times better than anybody else just to get a fair shot." Despite Biden's best attempts to fearmonger and court the black vote, many within the African-American community are seeing through his tactics.

According to a recent New York Times poll, Trump has the support of 22 percent of the African American community compared to only receiving nine percent of the vote in 2020. In contrast, Biden only has 69 percent support, according to the polls, compared to the 81 percent support he received four years ago.


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  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: X/@MAGAIncWarRoom + Getty Images
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