WATCH: 'The View' Co-Hosts Shocked, 'In Mourning' After Biden's Disastrous Debate Performance

Following the first 2024 presidential debate on Thursday evening, the ladies of 'The View' couldn't resist admitting that the president's campaign is in trouble. Sunny Hostin in particular said that she was "in mourning" following Biden's weak performance. The hosts mirrored the worry of Democrat strategists nationwide with many in the media calling for President Biden to withdrawal from the race and allow a more youthful Democrat to lead the ticket.

"Most of us are mourning," Hostin said. Despite the admission, Joy Behar attempted to calm her left-leaning colleagues, saying, "Let's not get too depressed yet. I'm assuming you all saw last night the debates, right? President Biden and Donald Trump went head to head in their first 2024 presidential debate on CNN. While Biden raised concerns with a hoarse, occasionally weak delivery, Trump lied dozens of times in a nice clear voice."

Despite Behar's best attempts to attack Trump and defend Biden, co-host Sara Haines called on President Biden to "step down" following his abysmal debate. "It was really hard to watch. It kind of pains me to say this today, but I think President Biden needs to step down and be replaced. If we want to defeat Donald Trump in November, I absolutely think that. I think Biden's team saw it coming," she said.

"I think that's why they pushed for an earlier debate, so they had time to change course if needed, but they've got to act fact. I would implore those closest to the president to have the very hard conversations that they are going to need to have. And not just for the political ramifications. For humanity, for his integrity, and for his legacy, that's all on the line right now."

"I was genuinely in shock," Alyssa Farah Griffin said. "I've had concerns for a couple of years about Biden's age but it was stunningly worse than I expected, the performance. I think within the first 90 seconds, it was kind of baked in, and I think a lot of people tuned out some of the later parts of the debate. I want to be clear: Donald Trump was a mess. He lied his way through it, but Biden's performance was so bad that it eclipsed everything that Donald Trump said."


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