WATCH: 'The View' Hosts Get ENRAGED After Co-Host Claims Biden Is 'Too Old' For The Presidency

On Wednesday, co-hosts of ABC's 'The View' held a lengthy discussion about President Joe Biden's age and his fitness to run for office in 2024. 

"There's a Wall Street Journal poll that came out, 73 percent of Americans are worried that he is too old to be president again," explained Farah Griffin. "And he is going to be the Democratic nominee."

"Isn't it true that Fox and all those right-wing stations keep showing pictures of him tripping - The way people trip?" Joy Behar said in response.

"The 73% of Americans, that's just not Fox News viewers, that's a lot of Democrats," Griffin explained.

Ana Navarro then went on a long tangent explaining that she doesn't understand why so many voters worry about Biden's age at 80 years old. "I've never understood why people focus so much on Joe Biden's age. He is in very good physical shape. He exercises regularly. He actually eats a vegetable or two on a daily basis," Navarro said.

"You can continue to live a super full life through your 90s. I don't necessarily think you should be the leader of the free world," Griffin shot back in response. "And by the way, if you are going to run as the oldest president, you need to have a vice president who is seen as the most ready vice president to assume office on day one in case something happens."

"Kamala's ready," Navarro shockingly claimed. "Joe Biden always says 'Compare me to the alternative, not to the Almighty.' Yes, he is old but the alternative is indicted, criminal, insane, evil, indecent, immoral man that has been impeached."

"I am tired of you two youngins talking about this," Behar said. "I keep saying this, I am the same age as Joe Biden."

The ladies of 'The View' are hitting on a topic of great importance to voters going into 2024. Joe Biden has shown repeatedly that his age is catching up to him and has his mental faculties fail, Americans will be left without a competent leader. Navarro's attempt to tell viewers to not believe their lying eyes goes to show that Democrats will have to tie themselves into knots in order to convince Americans to elect Biden again until the end of his second term when he is 86 in January 2029.

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