WATCH: Trump Vows To Defend Christianity In Next Term, Says No One Will Tear Down The 'Cross Of Christ'

During a speech at the National Religious Broadcasters International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, on Thursday, Trump explained to the audience that his second term would work overtime to protect the Christian faith and highlight the importance of the church in American life. 

"Remember, every communist regime throughout history has tried to stamp out the churches, just like every fascist regime has tried to co-opt them and control them," Trump told the audience. "And, in America, the radical left is trying to do both at the same time. There's never been anything like this. It is really dangerous. It is really a bad thing. You are going to leave this room, and some will say, 'Oh, I think it's an over-exaggeration,' and some will say it's actually maybe not even up to what it should be."

"They want to tear down crosses where they can and cover them up with social justice flags," Trump said, as reported by the Associated Press. "But no one will be touching the cross of Christ under the Trump administration, I swear to you. That will never happen."

"The left is trying to shame Christians," the 45th president added. "They're trying to shame us. I'm a very proud Christian." Throughout the speech, Trump invigorated the audience of Christian broadcasters, many of whom were wearing "Make America Pray Again" hats, and repeatedly received thunderous applause, particularly after mentioning his efforts to help overturn Roe v. Wade. Trump went on to explain that his administration did "more to uphold religious freedom than any administration in history," as reported by Breitbart.

"The enthusiasm for this election coming up in November is far greater than it was in 2016 or 2020," the former president said. "Far greater, it's not even a contest."

A HarrisX poll released in January found that 64 percent of Republican voters view Trump as a person of faith, with many GOP voters citing his "support for religious people, not his personal religiosity, as their reasoning for saying he is a man of faith." The poll also found that 24 percent of independents and only 10 percent of Democrats thought Trump was a man of faith. In contrast, President Biden was viewed as a stronger person of faith among his own party than Trump, with 69 percent of Democrats believing him to be a faithful man. An additional 36 percent of independents and 13 percent of Republicans said they thought Biden was a man of faith.


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