WATCH: Tucker Carlson Shines New Perspective On Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick During January 6th Riot – ‘Their Dishonesty Knew No Limits’

On Monday evening, Tucker Carlson released his investigation into the January 6th Capitol Riot after his team was granted access to over 40,000 hours of footage from that day. One aspect of Tucker’s investigation was to understand the story behind Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

Officer Sicknick served on the Capitol police force on the day of the riot and died on January 7th, 2021. Democrats and members of the media have previously claimed that Sicknick died from being hit with a fire extinguisher during the chaos in front of the legislature.

Tucker asserted that the Democrat Party deemed January 6th to be a “deadly insurrection” in order to create a narrative about what happened on that day. Tucker claimed that “everything about that phrase is a lie.” The January 6th Riots were violent as shown by a plethora of footage. Tucker’s investigation, however, sought to shine a new perspective on the events of that day.

Carlson went on to explain that the Democrats claimed that the rioters killed Sicknick which served as “the single most powerful indictment of January 6th protesters, of Donald Trump, and of Republican voters nationally.”

The claim that the officer died from a fire extinguisher came from The New York Times, a story that was quietly retracted by the paper once it was discovered to be a lie, according to the Fox host.

“Brian Sicknick should not be reduced to a prop for the political ambitions of the Democratic Party. He was a human being. The facts of his life matter including how he died. To this day, media accounts describe Sicknick as someone who was ‘slain on January 6th.’ The video we reviewed proved that is a lie.”


“Here is footage of Sicknick walking in the Capitol after he was supposedly murdered by the mob outside. By all appearances, Sicknick is healthy and vigorous. He is wearing a helmet so it is hard to imagine that he was killed by a head injury. Whatever happened to Brian Sicknick was very obviously not the result of the violence he suffered from the entrance to the Capitol. This tape overturns the single most powerful and politically useful lie the Democrats have told us about January 6th.”

Tucker then went on to explain that the January 6th Committee investigators knew that Sicknick was alive and well following the point that they claimed he was murdered. Tucker backed this assertion up by saying that the Capitol computers have receipts of when footage is watched and he stated that investigators did see the footage in question.

“The footage contains an electronic bookmark that is still archived in the Capitol’s computer system. That means that investigators working for the Democratic Party reviewed this tape,” Tucker explained. “They saw it.”

“But they refused to release the tape to the public. Why? Because this tape would shatter the fraud they were perpetrating on the country because hiding the truth served their political interest,” the Fox host continued. “They lied about the police officer they claimed to revere. If they were willing to do that, then their dishonesty knew no limits.”

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