WATCH: Tucker Carlson Releases New Revelations on January 6th

On Tuesday evening, Tucker Carlson began his second expose of the events of January 6th after his producers were granted exclusive access to 40,000 hours of footage of the Capitol Riot.

During the investigation, Carlson interviewed former Capitol Police Lieutenant Terric Johnson, who was there on that day yet was not interviewed by the January 6th Committee, according to the Fox host.

Throughout the interview, Johnson explained that he repeatedly called for backup, but received no direction or response claiming that he “didn’t hear anything on the radio.”

When Johnson did call for backup to evacuate the Senate chambers, he did not get permission to do so as his supervisors failed to act. Johnson said. So in response, he explained that he took matters into his own hands by initiating the evacuation.

Later on during the riot, Johnson, a Biden voter, dawned the hat in order to rescue officers in order to blend in with the crowd, as shown on Tucker’s show. This, however, cost him his job leading to him losing his pension.

According to Carlson, Johnson’s supervisor, Officer Pittman, was elevated to acting Chief of the Capitol Police, and last year she took the head security job at UC Berkeley, which is just outside of Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district.


Following Johnson’s interview, Tucker went on to explain that there are still various members of January 6th that are still “rotting” in jail. Tucker went on to interview Julie Kelly who has spent considerable time investigating January 6th and the cases of the January 6th defenders.

“At least 100 men have been held under pre-trial detention,” stated the journalist adding that the DOJ effectively argued that they stay in jail for the safety of others despite the fact that many are not violent.

She went on to explain that they have been in jail for up to 25 months and emphasized that the real villains are the “federal judges in Washington, D.C.” because defendants have not been given the opportunity to gain all of the evidence against them.

She then posited that the DOJ arrested people first and showed the evidence later to which Tucker stated that if this were happening in another country, they would be declared political prisoners.

Following the interview, Carlson showed various clips of the media reacting to his Monday night coverage where he was deemed to be a propagandist.

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