WATCH: White House Press Briefing Goes Off The Rails After Reporters Push Karine Jean Pierre On Parkinson's Expert

During the White House press briefing on Monday, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got into a heated argument with reporters asking about a recent report that a Parkinson's disease expert visited the White House eight times across an eight-month period in late 2023 and early 2024. The specialist, Dr. Kevin Cannard, reportedly visited the White House residence clinic on multiple occasions and met with the president's physician, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, on one occasion.

When confronted with this information, obtained through public White House visitor logs, Karine Jean-Pierre was adamant that she would not respond to the question. Her refusal to answer led CBS' Ed O'Keefe to push the press secretary. "This is a very basic direct question," O'Keefe said as Jean-Pierre attempted to interrupt him.

"Hold on a second. Wait a minute. Ed, please, a little respect here. Please. So every year around the president's physical examination, he sees a neurologist. That's three times. So, I'm telling you that he has seen a neurologist three times while he has been in this presidency. I am telling you that he has seen him three times. That is what I'm sharing with you."

O'Keefe remained persistent in seeking a more substantial response from Jean-Pierre. He continued to press her for a direct answer on why a Parkinson's specialist had visited the White House on multiple occasions. Despite the press's persistence, the Biden official continued to evade the question.

"We cannot share names of specialists broadly. From a deurmotologist to a neurologist. We cannot share names for security reasons," she said as the CBS journalist shouted additional questions at her. "We have to keep their privacy." O'Keefe and Jean-Pierre continued to go back and forth on the topic for an additional two minutes as the press demanded answers from the White House.

After the exchange, the White House official lectured the reporters on their combative questioning. "I do take offense to what Ed alluded to. You know, I come out here everyday there's a press briefing and we do our best to give you the information that we have at the time. That's what we do. We understand the freedom of the press. We respect the freedom of the press, you heard me talk about this last week. I appreciate the back-and-forth that we all have. I try to respect you, and I hope you try to respect me. We literally do everything that we can. My team does everything that we can to make sure that we get the answers to you. That's what we do." 

"To say that I am holding information or allude to anything is not fair. It is really, really unfair," she added.


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