West Virginia Governor Signs Pro-Life Law Protecting Babies with Disabilities

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice signed SB468, which prevents medical professionals from performing abortions on their patients due to the child having a disability. The bill passed the West Virginia Senate on March 12th.

The bill was given the name ‘Unborn Child with a Disability Protection and Education Act’. The bill essentially seeks to protect children with disabilities and prevent medical professionals from being able to abort children unless it is a “medical emergency” or a “nonmedically viable fetus.”

Medical professionals must submit a report within 15 days of conducting an abortion and the report must detail the following:

  1. Date the abortion was performed;
  2. Specific method of abortion used;
  3. A statement from the patient confirming that the reason for the abortion was not because of a disability;
  4. Probable health consequences of the abortion to the patient;
  5. Whether a medical emergency existed; and
  6. Whether the fetus was a medically viable fetus.

(2) The licensed medical professional shall sign the form as his or her attestation under oath that the information stated is true and correct to the best of his or her knowledge.

(3) Reports required and submitted under this section may not contain the name upon whom the abortion was performed or any other information or identifiers that would make it possible to identify, in any manner or under any circumstances, a woman who obtained or sought to obtain an abortion.

The bill also states that medical professionals who violate the new law will be subject to the “applicable licensure board” for the action and could lose their license. Those who intentionally or recklessly perform an abortion will, “upon conviction,” be subject to penalties.

The bill was signed into law by Gov. Justice on World Down Syndrome Day – an action paying respect to those who deal with disabilities and affirms that their lives are valuable too. According to WHSV3, the West Virginia GOP was accused of using “people with disabilities as props.”

Leave it to the Democrats to try to accuse the ones trying to save people with disabilities of using people with them as props. The same argument could be made against Democrats using people as props to push pro-abortion legislation.

Nevertheless, the bill passed the House of Delegates 81-17 and the Senate 27-5. West Virginia now joins a host of states pushing pro-life legislation. This bill also joins the frenzy of abortion legislation countrywide as the Supreme Court inches towards its decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization – a case from Mississippi that could overturn the polarizing Roe v. Wade case.

It should be the hope of anyone with any sense of grounded morality that pro-life legislation continues to be passed countrywide and that the Supreme Court sides with unborn children. The time of legalized child sacrifice needs to come to an end so that we can protect future generations from the Satanic injustices found in abortion.

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