‘What Are You Afraid Of?’: Biden Gets DESTROYED By Reporter For Ignoring Key Questions

President Biden dodges questions with the best of them. He ignored questions about his son all throughout his Presidential campaign. He ignored questions about his mental fitness — both then and now. And today, Biden is evading the questions of the American people yet again. This is not acceptable! We have to let our leaders know — enough is enough. They work for us, and we will demand answers.

There are a lot of questions the Biden Administration needs to answer. ‘Who is the ‘big guy’?’ ‘Why did we pull out of Afghanistan?’ ‘Who is addressing our border crisis?’ ‘Can Biden utter a coherent sentence — with or without the teleprompter?’ We deserve to know. But we are not holding out any hope that the Democrats will work to assuage our concerns. They may be punished at the ballot box as a result, just as we are currently being punished at the gas pump. That’s another question the Biden Administration has not effectively answered — ‘why can’t they solve the gas crisis?’ And other than appeals to the so-called ‘Putin Price Hike’, they got nothing.

These are all questions your average American worries about. It is depressing that that’s the state we live in in the year 2022. The world is in crisis, and it is largely the Democrats fault. They commandeer the most powerful country on earth. They control the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. So, when we demand accountability, they ought to reply willingly and with full accountability.

It looks like even the press is starting to hold the Biden Administration accountable. And they are livid at the silence. Yesterday, a reporter asked Biden a key question relating to his son Hunter Biden. He asked about Russian Billionaire Yelena Baturina, who paid Hunter’s firm $3.5 million dollars in 2014.

We want to know why that was. Our concern is understandable. But Biden could care less. Seriously. Just look at this silence:

“Why have you stopped taking questions from the press? What are you afraid of?”

We know what they are afraid of. It is losing bigly in 2022. But to all indications, that is bound to happen. The least they could do is act with integrity in the meantime.

Here is the full video:

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