Woke Schools Performing 'Gender Affirming' Treatment On Children As Young As 2 Years Old

A newly released report shows that far-left medical schools in North Carolina have been giving gender-based social treatments to children as young as two years old. Medical programs in major schools like Duke University, University of North Carolina, and East Carolina University have been offering the transitionary resources to children that supposedly identify as transgender, per a report by Education First Alliance

The report from Education First Alliance cited a 2016 Facebook Post featuring Dr. Deanna Adkins, a transgender activist who runs the clinic, discussing toddler trans patients in an interview with the Charlotte Observer:

“They are not old enough to consciously just choose to do that. … It is not a choice in any of my patients. It’s really an unpleasant thing to have going on in your body to feel that distress about yourself. I can’t imagine anyone who would choose to do that.”

Founders of Education First Alliance, Sloan Rachmuth and Dr. Nancy Anderson spoke on “Fox & Friends First” about their concerns and the larger dangers of surrendering this alarming access children have to such dangerous procedures. 

Activist group Gays Against Groomers tweeted that the Universities are "now diagnosing toddlers who play with stereotypically opposite gender toys as having gender dysphoria, and are transitioning them."
Dr. Anderson told Fox, “Medicine has become an activist activity,” speaking on how so many doctors have become increasingly radicalized to transition children as young as two. Anderson clarified that “these institutions are very specific about the mode of treatment as gender-affirming care, which means that this is a pathway, a highway that you can’t get off of.”


Dr. Anderson continued by saying, “As soon as the child thinks or pretends they might be a different sex, then that must be affirmed, no questions asked.” An extremely alarming statement to say the least. 

The report put out by Education First Alliance notes that Duke Medical first opened the gender clinic back in 2015 and that during its time has given gender-based treatments to children as young as two-year-olds. At times, residents within the medical school will even offer free hormone therapy for the purpose of a sex change. 

Rachmuth warned viewers that these systems “cover the entire state of North Carolina, and they're doing it in family medicine."

“Their aim is to turn these places into pill mills for children.”

The statement may sound extreme and alarmist, but considering the pace at which the transgender movement has infected America, it is in many ways a very believable outcome.

The most concerning part is that parents that attempt to fight against an evil system attempting to gender-swap their children receive notable backlash, according to Dr. Anderson.

“As soon as they might start questioning or listening to other opinions, they’re told that they’re being transphobic and the child is kept on this pathway by activist medical professionals.” Dr. Anderson even said that she thinks it goes against “the ethics of do not harm.”

It’s not the first time we’ve seen medical professionals attempt to force a sick ideology down the throats of their patients, but undoubtedly something must be done to prevent it in the future. There is currently a bill in North Carolina that was approved by the House and is going to the Senate, per AP News.

I would urge any North Carolina resident to contact their Senator to vote in favor of the bill to protect the youth of North Carolina. 


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