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Lauren Boebert’s primary victory looked far different than most. While she hosted the typical victory party, she turned it into something far greater. Worship Leader and Songwriter, Sean Feucht, was invited to lead those who showed up in worship. This is rarely seen at a political watch party.

Sean Feucht, the founder of Hold the Line, has been an outspoken supporter of representative Boebert, and recently she was featured on the “Hold the Line Podcats” hosted by Sean Feucht.

While most worship leaders stay out of the political realm, Sean Feucht has done the opposite. Back in 2020, Feucht ran for Congress himself and lost to John Garamendi (D-CA) in California’s 3rd Congressional District.

Since then he hosted massive revivals across the country during the pandemic and is producing a movie documenting the experience called “Superspreader.” He has also been very outspoken about abortion and the overturning of Roe V. Wade. Not long before the worship victory party, Feucht posted on Twitter, “THE CURSE IS REVERSED!!!” while holding a newspaper with the words “ROE OVERTURNED”

Feucht announced that he would be at the event on Twitter saying, “Leading worship at a bar tonight in Grand Junction, Colorado before we celebrate @laurenboebert primary win! There is no place in America safe from the worship of King Jesus!”

After the victory, it was clear that the two were celebrating together. Once the race was declared, Feucht sent out a “backstage” picture with the caption “The first VICTORY picture backstage tonight!! Congrats @laurenboebert on loving Jesus and loving Colorado so well!”

After the victory party, Colorado Newsline wrote a story about the event and how it became a night of worship. Sean Feucht tweeted out a screenshot of the article and said, “Mission Accomplished 🙌🏼😅🔥 @laurenboebert” obviously reiterating the fact that the event was far from a normal victory party.

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