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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin backs the blue. That much is certain. Unlike his opponent former Governor Terry McAuliffe, Youngkin has been, from the very beginning, a fierce defender of our law enforcement.

Support for our law enforcement and opposition to racist policies like CRT clenched Youngkin’s run for Virginia’s highest office. So far, Virginia has been made better by Youngkin’s surprising victory. As he said during his campaign:

“We are going to stand up for law enforcement. They’re heroes who go to work every day in order to keep Virginia safe and they are going to know their governor has their back … “We’re going to get it done when I’m elected governor and I can’t wait to go serve all Virginians.”

That wasn’t Youngkin’s only campaign promise. He also promised to donate all his salary to charity. And he is making good on that promise. A press release on Youngkin’s website said the following:

“I pledged to serve our Commonwealth without accepting a salary because I want to continue giving back to the Commonwealth and helping Virginians in every way I can,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. 

“I have chosen to donate my salary to the Virginia Law Enforcement Assistance Program (VALEAP) because of their important mission to assist law enforcement personnel and first responders who have undergone traumatic critical incidents. 

This reaffirms my ongoing commitment to support our men and women in law enforcement with mental health resources, training, and equipment to ensure that we are serving those that protect our communities across the Commonwealth.”

Per the VALEAP’s website, the program began in 2008, following the Virginia Tech shooting. This massacre killed thirty-three and injured seventeen others.

We applaud Governor Youngkin’s commitment to backing the blue. While Democrats push to defund our police. Conservatives like Governor Youngkin realize the benefits afforded to us by law enforcement officers.

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Without our men in blue, we would have no society. They get up every day to protect us, and on account of their sacrifice, we ought to honor them. And Governor Youngkin is honoring them similarly to how President Trump honored our troops — by sacrificing his own personal gain for the sake of the greater good.