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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has lived up to his promises to govern conservatively. His values are informed by the great tradition. Resultantly, he detests Critical Race Theory and all that it stands for. CRT is Marxist through and through. It divides Americans from one another and destroys the more perfect union our founders intended. Our founders, of course, did not achieve their goals perfectly. Racism does exist and will continue to persist on an individual level. But the solution is not to presume an entire race guilty for the crimes of another. Individual responsibility is the cornerstone of Democracy, and to do away with such a notion entirely as a bizarre Western fiction is to destroy our Republic entirely. Do not be confused — the Left wants nothing more than to hurt us and our nation, shaping it in their image. A country without the Constitution and individual rights and freedoms is no country, but a hollow shell. It is certainly not America the beautiful.

This is where Governor Glenn Youngkin comes in. Since taking office, Youngkin has aggressively targeted the CRT policies of the former administration. In fact, many have speculated that public disdain over the previous administration’s policies on CRT spring boarded Youngkin into power. So, if Youngkin were not to make good on his promises, he would surely be in big trouble. But so far, he has been as advertised — a principled Conservative who protects American interests.

Recently, Youngkin has carried out this project on a state level. The Daily Caller, in an exclusive report, has provided an extensive list of the CRT policies Youngkin has done away with in his short time in office. The list will lift your spirits as our country fights for its identity:

“Following Executive Order 1, which vowed to “ensure excellence in K-12 public education in the Commonwealth” by removing “inherently divisive concepts” and “raise academic standards,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Barlow submitted a report on the critical race theory-inspired programs being rescinded.

Rescinded programs were limited to the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), and the administration has not yet reviewed or rescinded critical race theory-inspired programming in local school districts, a spokesperson for Youngkin told the Daily Caller.

Barlow’s report states that the VDOE rescinded the “Virginia Math Pathways Initiative,” which advocated for “equitable outcomes in math for students” by attempting to remove advanced math programs…

[ Barlow remarked] ‘We must continue to ensure that no student in Virginia is taught to judge or treat others differently solely on the basis of their race, skin color, ethnicity, sex or faith'”

We appreciate these moves. America is made all the better for them. Hopefully, more Governors, even those across the aisle, will fight for truth, justice, and the American Dream.