'They Are Not Serious People' - NYC Mayor Eric Adams Puts Forth New Plan To Curb Rising Crime: Social Service Kiosks

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) can’t seem to do anything right lately, as he proposed an idea to fight the rising levels of shoplifting and crime throughout the Big Apple by utilizing kiosks that can connect the “would-be thieves” to social services.

The idea, which seems to jump right off the pages of an article from The Onion, has garnered immense backlash from users on Twitter. The dissenters mock the plan for being both soft and unrealistic, with one user noting that it seems no more strict than putting a child in a “time out corner.” 

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of a Fox 5 broadcast discussing the plan, laying out the details.

“Give first-time offenders intervention programs instead of prosecution” and “De-escalation training for retail employees” are some of the bright ideas the mayor was able to conceive to deal with the crime rates. The user who shared the screenshot describes the situation perfectly and bluntly: “They are not serious people.”

  Others were happy to join in mocking the measure. Breitbart News columnist AWR Hawkins tweeted how the response from the mayor seemed backward in its approach.
“Notice, the very first part of this Democrat Mayor's response to soaring shoplifting losses in NYC is to lessen punishment for first-time shoplifters. (He might as well provide first-time shoplifters with bags they can use to carry stolen merchandise out.),” the columnist wrote. 
  Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president, called the plan “Almost a parody of the Soros-approach to public safety.” Fitton did note that “Unfortunately, this is a standard, dangerous approach for the leftist extremists running our major cities.” 
  The plan from Mayor Adams seems doomed to fail, especially with the already limited resources of the city from the quelling migrant masses that have been pouring into the city. It seems that Adams weighed whether it would be easier to enforce the law properly or ignore the problem until it went away and chose the latter. 
  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images / Getty Images
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