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Rev. Al Sharpton is known for being a race-baiting cleric, who has a public affinity for liberal politics. Americans have had the misfortune of dealing with his presence on television and other forms of media for decades. That is terrible enough. However, what you’ll read today will make you wonder why he was ever granted public exposure, to begin with.

Late last month, Sharpton appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” to claim the Bible does not teach the wrongfulness of abortion, Newsbusters reported.  He also accused Republicans of twisting sacred Scriptures to fit their own agenda and ignoring other aspects of the Bible, when it suits them politically.

“Well not only do Democrats need to aggressively go out there, real Christians that really study the Bible ought to be incensed,” he said. “I’ve been a preacher since I was a little boy. I am incensed and insulted that they have hijacked the Bible and Jesus to distort and misquote, well it’s not even a misquote — create quotes that are not there, to justify a right-wing kind of ideology that would take away the rights of women and then schedule to take other people’s rights.”

Sharpton added, “And what is strange to me is, Joe, they can see a Scripture that is not there about abortion, but they couldn’t see ‘love your neighbor’ when it came down to uh, putting things through that would help the poor and help the needy. ”

He even said “affordable health care” is more clearly stated in the Bible, than elements surrounding the morality of Abortion.

To think, there are people in the Democratic Party who genuinely value his contributions. But what has he contributed? Nothing of note. He’s only stirred great division within this free nation of ours. That disposition made itself apparent when he accused Republicans — the party of life and traditional values — of hijacking the word of God.

Sharpton has also repeatedly advanced the idea of a “police brutality” culture — which may exist on an individual basis, but which certainly does not exist on the systemic level he has claimed. Sharpton is by no means a proponent of the police. In its place, he supports the Marxist ideology of “Black Lives Matter.”



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There is nothing more Anti-God than Marxism. That concept doesn’t concern Sharpton though. In fact, he rarely justifies his opposition to Republican politics at all.

His take on MSNBC was bad. With segments that cringeworthy, it’s a wonder how he was ever ordained.

Sacred Scripture commands us not to murder. It likewise teaches us God is intimately involved in the embryonic process. God helps to shape us, every step of the way — knitting us together, forming our inmost being in his image.

God is not forming a potential human, but a real and genuine person who He has called to serve him [Jeremiah 1:5] in faith, hope, and love.

Simply put, there is no potential person in the womb. There is a person. And we do not put to death innocent human beings. They have the Divine Image and dignity from the fact that Christ has died for them and He offers them life.

More importantly, we love our neighbor by protecting the unborn. We also suffer with the mother and offer her support in whatever capacity we can. But the solution for the baby, the mother, and the country as a whole is not to embrace a culture of death, but rather, a culture of life.