Republicans Will RETAKE HOUSE In Blowout This November Says Fox News Power Rankings

Fox News released its most recent power rankings model for the upcoming midterm elections this week, showing the GOP not only retaking the House but possibly gaining an even more substantial margin than it did back in 2010, during its Tea Party-driven takeover of Congress.

Following former President Barack Obama’s first two controversial years in office, Republicans were able to start the 112th Congress with 242 seats, following an electoral “shellacking” — Obama’s own words —  in the form of a +63 seat shift to the right.

If Fox’s recent numbers pan out, the GOP could end up with a 255-180 seat majority in a best-case scenario, which would both set a historic mark and effectively stop the White House’s legislative agenda dead in its tracks.

Fox’s broader projections, which take into account redistricting issues and the fact that many of the primaries have been decided, show the GOP is forecasted to win at least 225 seats. Needing only 218 for a majority, this would give them full control, as there is no filibuster measure for the House of Representatives.

“Even if Democrats win all 30 races currently marked as toss-ups, the party still does not have enough support to retain control of the House,” the report reads.

The article also points out the obvious fact of President Joe Biden’s abysmal approval ratings and how they’re dragging other candidates down, despite his name not being at the top of the ticket this time around.


A New York Times/Siena poll released on Monday reportedly has Biden’s approval at a mere 33 percent. This comes in the face of rising gas prices, staggering inflation, paychecks not keeping pace with the cost of living, a struggling financial market, and several high-profile Supreme Court defeats that soundly set back Biden’s overall policy agenda.

These trends could also represent the shape of things to come in the Senate, which would spell disaster for Democrats, who only retain a narrow one-seat majority, thanks to Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote.

Fox’s Senate Power Rankings, which were left intact from their last edition, show several toss-up races in purple states deciding which party will ultimately gain full control of the upper chamber.

“To be clear, Republicans still have the edge here,” the report added. “With a total of 49 seats across the Solid R, Likely R and Lean R columns (plus 29 seats not up for election in 2022), the GOP has to win only two of the five Toss Up races to take control of the Senate, whereas the Democrats need to win four of those races just to reach a 50-seat ‘majority’ with the aid of Vice President Kamala Harris. However, those Toss Up states are still too competitive to give either party the advantage. The category includes Arizona, Georgia, New Hampshire, Nevada and Pennsylvania.”

Fox also found the Pennsylvania Gubernatorial race to have slightly tightened up and shifted to Democrat Josh Shapiro.

The GOP nominee, State Sen. Doug Mastriano was endorsed by former President Donald Trump and has been vocal on issues related to election integrity and Second Amendment gun rights.

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