'The Durham Report Exonerates Trump': Alan Dershowitz Goes Off On FBI's 'Anti-Trump Double Standard'

Alan Dershowitz, a legal scholar and former Harvard law professor, wrote in an article on Substack that the long awaited Durham Report exonerated Trump and documented an "[a]nti-Trump [d]ouble [s]tandard." He elaborated that "The Durham report documents the double standard employed by the Obama administration in favor of Hillary Clinton. No surprise there. But it also documents a special double standard employed by Democrats and some Republicans specifically against former President Donald Trump." 

Dershowitz explained that Durham's findings prove that the FBI operated on completely partisan standards when it decided to open an investigation on Trump's campaign based on poor information in comparsion to their decision to not open an investigation on Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Dershowitz writes that the fact-free manner in which the FBI operated toward Trump meant that they did not employ the usual steps before opening an investigation. They did not, for instance, employ "any of the standard analytical tools typically employed by the FBI in evaluating raw intelligence" which included "interviewing" relevant witnesses, reviewing its own intelligence databases, and other normal procedures. Durham admited that an unprofessional 'get Trump' bias pervaded many of the agents in the investigation. 

As Dershowitz observed, that anti-Trump bias was not exclusive to Democrats alone. He wrote, "This animus was not limited to partisan Democrats. Many Republicans and independents shared the view that Trump was uniquely dangerous to national security and that anything that could be done to prevent his presidency should be done, regardless of the evidence and lack thereof. This view continues today among many Trump haters. They don't need evidence of what he has done or not done. They know who he is! And that's enough to justify any means to "get" him."

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Dershowitz then proceeded to explain that he noted the same phenomenon of an irrational presumption of guilt of Trump and an overriding desire to prosecute him based on political prejudice. He went on to explain that this bias went beyond just the FBI's investigation of Trump over debunked Russian collusion claims. He wrote that these biased investigators have "been willing to endanger our rule of law, by distorting the facts, stretching the law, and ignoring the Constitution—as long as it applies to Trump." In this context, Dershowitz mentioned Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's (D) prosecution of the Republican frontrunner on weak charges as a case and point of this. 

Dershowitz sagely observed that the law and the Constitution are beyond one man and the principles behind them mean that all persons - even those that one may dislike - are entitled to such protections. Violations of these safeguards mean that the rule of law is weakened for all as awful precedents have been set that are not easy to rein back. 

Dershowitz invited every American who is serious "about applying one standard of justice" to read the report and emphasized that it is of vital importance to ensure the law applies equally to all. He called the report "a small but essential step in the right direction" in doing this.  

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images / Getty Images
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