‘I Hope House Republicans Feel Ashamed:’ Joe Biden Is Enraged Tucker Carlson Broadcasted January 6th Footage

This Wednesday, Joe Biden expressed his disdain for House Republicans after Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) gave previously unreleased January 6th footage to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson broadcasted much of this unreleased footage earlier this week on his show ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

“More than 140 officers were injured on Jan 6. I’ve said before: How dare anyone diminish or deny the hell they went through? I stand with the @CapitolPolice. I hope House Republicans feel ashamed for what was done to undermine our law enforcement,” Biden tweeted.

Biden was replying to NBC News reporter Frank Thorp V, who tweeted the comments of Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger.


“In new ltr from Chief Manger to the Capitol Police Dept, Manger calls Tucker Carlson’s segments on Jan 6th last night ‘filled w/ offensive and misleading conclusions about the January 6th attack.’ Manger: ‘This Dept stands by the officers in the video that was shown last night,’ Frank Thorp V tweeted.
This comes after White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre commented on the incident, telling reporters, “the President has been very clear: January 6th was the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.  And we should be focused on making sure that never happens again… it was one of the darkest days of our democracy.  And all you have to do is watch those videos and see how horrific it was, see how sad it was, see an attack on the Capitol, which should not be happening in 2020. And we got to get down to the bottom of what happened.  Again, it was an attack on our democracy.”

While Joe Biden and Karine Jean-Pierre continue to use charged rhetoric to divide the American people, Tucker Carlson and Speaker McCarthy are pushing for greater governmental transparency. There is absolutely nothing wrong with calls for greater transparency, and Joe Biden’s shameful reaction to these new revelations tells the American people everything they need to know about the current Administration and their dealings with the public at large.
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