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Ilan Hulkower

Ilan Hulkower is a writer for the DC Enquirer from the Land of Lincoln. Ilan has also worked as a foreign policy intern and associate editor for The Heritage Foundation.

WATCH: Co-Founder of Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Goes On Angry, Deranged Rant After Trump's CNN Town Hall, Says Trump 'Will Be The Nominee'
Rick Wilson, co-founder of the anti-Trump organization ill-named Lincoln Project, went to Twitter yesterday to post about the CNN Town Hall with President Donald Trump. Mr. Wilson ranted angrily about how CNN should have never platformed Mr. Trump, a frontrunner in the Republican presidential primary, and how Trump's performance guaranteed his nomination as the Republican candidate for the White House in 2024.  Read More
FBI Acknowledges Existence Of Document That Alleges Biden's Corrupt Pay-To-Play Bribery Scheme, Refuses To Turn It Over To Congress
Last week, the DC Enquirer reported that a whistleblower came forth with news that the FBI had in its possession a certain document detailing a pay-to-play scandal between then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national. Now, the FBI, while failing to produce the document despite a Congressional subpoena, acknowledged that the document does indeed exist. Read More
Biden's Sitting 'Around Doing Nothing' As Cartels Take Control Of Open Border, Says DeSantis - 'Florida Will Not Be A Sanctuary State'
During a press conference on Wednesday, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) attacked President Biden for his handling of the border crisis and maintained that the drug cartels control the border more than Biden's administration which "sits around doing nothing" about the problem.  Read More

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