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President Joe Biden, nearly 80, was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week, The DC Enquirer reported, and according to the Physician for the President, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the Commander-in-Chief is still experiencing Coronavirus symptoms.

“The president completed his third day of PAXLOVID last night. His symptoms continue to improve significantly. His predominant symptom now is a sore throat.” writes Dr. O’Connor in a letter addressed to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

O’Connor seemingly indicates Biden will make a full recovery, however, he still remains symptomatic. The Physician to the President continued by explaining the protocol that will be maintained going forward.

“As I’ve stated previously, the BA5 variant is particularly transmissible, and [Biden] will continue to isolate according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations,” he added.

It may be some time before Biden has more any major public gaffs while speaking to the press like saying he presently has “cancer” or “taking a bike ride.”

“We will continue to monitor him closely,” O’Connor continued, during what the doctor called a “very common outpatient treatment.”

Dr. Ben Carson, former HUD Secretary under President Donald Trump — and famed neurosurgeon — shared his latest thoughts on Biden in an exclusive interview with Fox News saying, “It’s almost like a ship out at sea during a storm, where the captain who’s impaired, and people try to tell him what to do, but he’s not able to comprehend what they’re saying.”


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“It leaves us in very grave danger,” Carson warned.

“Things like leaving our southern border completely open and not understanding the implications of that when you have nations like Iran who sees us as the great satan, and wants to destroy us,” Carson continued. “We don’t seem to have the type of leadership that recognizes that is a problem.”

When asked if he thought the White House is downplaying Biden’s condition as it pertains to his COVID-19 infection, Carson replied, “Well, you know there’s no question he’s in that age range that puts him at an increased risk, and he has underlying problems as well, so it is a serious issue.”

The former presidential candidate added, “I hope and pray, like many others, that he will recover from that, but that still leaves the problems with his ability to communicate appropriately, not to make gaffs, and to create confidence.”

Carson’s statements re-iterate what over half the country is worried about. A poll conducted back in May by Harvard-Harris reported that 53 percent of those polled do not think Biden is mentally fit to be president.

Remarkably, the number of people who believed the President is too old to be running the country was even higher.

Harvard-Harris reported that number to be 62 percent. Biden’s latest coronavirus scare only re-enforces the concerns the majority of the country has — that he’s too old and too inept to be running the United States.

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