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President Joe Biden is on vacation this week, and he is headed back to his beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where he is currently constructing a nearly $500,000 fence.

“In September 2021, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded $456,548 to a Sussex County company to construct a security fence around the president’s home.” Fox News reports.

“The DHS contract with Turnstone Holdings LLC for the ‘purchase and installation of security fencing’ at the residence has since increased to $490,324 this summer, according to the website, an online database of federal government spending. The DHS is listed as the main awarding and funding office of the contract while the U.S. Secret Service is listed as the subagency.”

The fence is on schedule to be finished in June of 2023. The project was intended to wrap up in December of last year, before “another $6,844 was added to the project for the installation of three 6-foot-by-6-inch gravel pads as well as crane services.” As the New York Post reports.

Adding on to that, in June of this year, another $26,933 was added to the fencing, based on a need for “additional work,” the Post adds.


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According to the Post, “A Secret Service spokesperson declined to comment on ‘the means, methods or resources used to conduct our protective operations,’ citing ‘the need to maintain operation security.’”

The secrecy is concerning. President Biden is currently vacationing after heading to the White House briefly to sign the “Inflation Reduction Act.” Joining him are Jill Biden and his son Hunter Biden, a controversial figure in the public eye. As our country is suffering, Biden is living it up with his family, and we all wish we had the luxuries the Bidens are afforded.

As you might expect, the money is coming out of your pocketbook. There is no free lunch when it comes to government spending. We hope people learn this by the midterms and elect candidates who respect the privileges they have been afforded by our generous funding. Good stewards are too few these days, and we must elect America First candidates who stand up for their constituency.  Our politicians and unelected bureaucrats would do well to invest in a border wall and not a fence for the President’s beach house.