Biden Gets Terrible News About 2024 Prospects As GOP Outreach Successful in Key Demographic

As Democrats have continued to hemorrhage support from Black Americans since discovering they are far from monolithic in 2016, Hispanic and Latino communities have become a crucial backstop against electoral disaster for the left. To compensate and hedge against future losses, the progressives have attempted to woo them with lavish ad campaigns, targeted policies, and events, but to little avail.

And the Democrats aren’t the only party courting support among these communities. President Abraham Enriquez of the advocacy group Bienvenido told The Western Journal via a representative, “I’m not surprised to see that Republicans are making big gains with Latinos.”

CNN‘s Ryan Struyk observed in a tweet, “An interesting nugget buried in the latest Quinnipiac poll crosstabs: Trump leads Biden 49-40% among Hispanic voters in head-to-head in 2024.”

According to a Quinnipiac University poll: both 45th President Donald J. Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) would win a commanding majority of the Hispanic vote against President Joe Biden.

In the poll, both Trump and DeSantis beat out Biden in this demographic with 49 and 50 percent of the poll respectively compared to Biden’s 40 and 41 percent in head-to-head matchups.

“Hispanics are incredibly responsive to conservative messages. At its core, our community is patriotic, and we reject the left’s victimhood narrative,” Enriquez added.


Sam LeDoux wrote in early March for the Arizona Daily Star, “It’s becoming obvious the path for a Republican to win the popular vote will require Latino voters.”

Sam observed, “The biggest issue for both parties is that they often lump Latino voters into a single-issue monolith and many Latino voters feel increasingly isolated politically. It seems like Latinos should be easy to appeal to for Republicans. Latinos are religious, family-oriented, and hardworking people. However, respect is highly valued in our communities and it feels like the political parties just don’t respect our culture.”

In 2016 according to Gitnux, 66% of Latino voters supported the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, while 28% supported Trump. This is a notable shift from typical survey results that showed a 70/30 split in Democrats’ favor.

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